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Andrey Luchnik

Location: Russia
This is to allow free distribution of international legacy of our ancient worship. Psalms manifest common heritage for christians, jews and even muslims (as is written in their Koran). So Psalms are our common basis and spring. 
Translations of texts into modern English and Russian are equirhithmic (to the same tune). Moreover they transform ancient idioms into understandable contemporary meanings. (See commentaries to the particular translations). 
You can listen to choir (and solo) compositions both in English and Russian, because translations of Psalms are equirhythmic (to the same music).  and for solo: The texts in both languages are included. (The numbering of Psalms and numbering of verse is as in Septuagint (for Russian texts). The Masoret numbering of lines is used for texts in English).
With respect. Sincerely, Andrey Luchnik
(My family name "Luchnik" in English means "Archer", so my emblem and ensign on the site is bowman).
If you want to get scores for English choir (SATB or TTBB) please choose your favorite texts and I send you music (scores or claviers).
Psalm 1
1    He is blessed who passes the den of the wicked,
      He would never be trapped by the gossip and gab,
2    Word of God is a fortress for man of commitment:
      Novel day makes profound his faith in its depth.
3    His prosperity grows like a tree by the water,
      His maturity grows and ripens like fruit.
      Leaves on the wealthy tree neither wither nor fall down -
      It resists the disaster by firmness of root.
4    But the opposite will be the way of the evil.
      They resemble the chaff that is blown by the wind.
5    Their lot is defeat and is never forgiven,
6    Their devious way will be stopped and dismissed.
             Psalm 2
1     Peoples gather and rumble and smugly conspire again
2     Undertake to abolish the heavenly Heir in vain
3     Saying "He's not from God we can rid ourselves from the chains"
4     The Enthroned in heaven will laugh but His wrath will inflame
5     And in rage He'll rebuke them and frighten and harshly ordain:
6     "I've begotten the King at the mount of Zion to reign
7      Recognize the Messiah as soon as you hear the saying:
7      "You're the son of Your God, the anointed whom I sustain"
8      I will give Him the peoples and earth - all my worldwide domain
9      He'll demolish the the vessels of emptiness, void and insane.
10     Reconsider, you kings; comprehend, you the crowned with fame
11     Weigh the justice of God, feel his majesty, worship His name
12     Laud the Son of the Lord - else He'll bring condemnation and blame
12     But the godly are calm in a world of disaster and shame.
                          Psalm 3
1     Multiplying troops like winds surround me,
      Evil forces moving ever faster
2     Vainly, on purpose saying proudly:
      "God will never rescue from disaster"
3     But, my Lord, You always are around me,
      You're my shield, my dignity and justice
4     With my prayer to the Lord I cry aloud,
      From the Holy hill He always hears me.
5     Undisturbed I sleep and rise without doubt
     'Cause I know my Lord is always near me.
6     Thousands of them no longer frighten me,
      Drawn up around like rainclouds. 
7     Lord, arise, deliver, strengthen, toughen me, 
      Stretch Your steadfast hand to their crowds,
8     Do sustain the faithful with Your bounty
      Pour the rain of justice on the righteous.
                         Psalm 4
1     I appeal to Your truth and Your righteousness, Godship All-holy
1     In the closeness, gloomy and tight, You cast light on the way  
2     O how long will the vicious and sly circumvent and take over!
2     O how long will they smugly and vainly spend their days!
3     They should better conceive: the Almighty watches over the godly
3     He will hear the virtuous whenever they summon and pray.
4     Do diminish your rage, see the hallowed light from the heavens!
4     And in silent reflection disburden your hearts to be calm
5     This oblation is higher than blood sacrifice immolation
5     Bring your offering to the altar of the conscience of love.
6     To those seeking and asking "Who shows us the light of perfection?"
6     Let the light of Your face be the sign of Your grace from above.
7     All my essense is filled with joy and my soul is thanking
7     When I see the abounding bread that the others receive
8     With a peace in my heart I fall sleep and in peace rise again
8     For the light of Your love will alone brighten up and relieve. 
                     Psalm 5
1     Lean to my words, percieve into my mind,
2     Do hear my prayer, O my God and Lord !
3     From early dawn I feel that You inspire
4     You never breathe Your sense into the wrong
5     The arrogant cannot withstand Your presence
5     You do reject the evil sense and law
6     You pick the liars to their evil essence
6     Those of deceit You loathe and abhor.
7     Your mercy leads me right into Your temple     
7     I'll bow in prayer, deep into my laud      
8     Lead me to proper way, direct and ample
8     Your ways are hindrance to the bane and wrong.
9     Their words - disaster, hearts are vile and vicious
9     Their mouth - grave, their language is deceit
10    The day will come - they'll drown in their evil
10    For by their lies they rise against Thee
11    Those rise in joy, who dwell within Your wonder
11    And get a refuge, that You only give          
11    They'll chant and sing aloud - sound thunder   
12    For only God gives shelter and a shield.
                        Psalm 6
1        Do not demolish with Your wrath and fury,
1        Don`t punish me, do not rebuke in anger,
2        Forgive, You see - I’m all destroyed and lurid,
2        Do cure me, my God, I'm down and trembling.
3        My soul is broken down in disaster;
3        O Lord, do not demolish any longer,
4        Replace Your rage with mercy, do it faster,
4        O, pass this cup away, please do restore me.
5        The dead wouldn`t pray to God, would not adore Him,
5        Would never chant aloud from interment.
6        I`m worn away by the perpetual groaning, 
6        And flood my bed with tears, almost drowning.
7        My eyes are stunned and blind in grief and sorrow, -
7        They lose their life in everlasting leaking.
8        O, run away, the wicked and ignoble, -
8        The Lord has heard and seen his faithful`s weeping.
9        He`s heard my plea for mercy and my prayer,
9        He brought my fate under the Higher shielding.
10      My foes will be dismissed and ashamed -
10      They`d better change their ways - or seek for pity.
                      Psalm 7
1       Release me from the evil of my foes -
2       They would not set upon me any longer!
3       But if I`ve done mischief without remorse,
4       And harmed against peaceful, being stronger,
4       (Though in my life I lent a hand to those)
5       I voluntary give up, dead to honor.
6       They sink in grief; who do not know their deed.
6       They controvert Your trial in obsession.
7       All peoples gather under mighty grip -
8       Judge me as all according my confession.
9       At Judgment day the godly are asleep,
9       While wayward soul`s are in hell`s possession.
10      My shelter is a shield of Your reprieve,
11      You`re fair but they badly test Your patience -
12      The evildoers would not get relief -
12      Their lives are terminated very sadly
12,13   The earth is burning under dirty feet,
13      The child of evil meets a flaming arrow.
14      Who plans to do an innocent mischief -
15      Does not intend himself to be affected,
15,16   But very soon he is within abyss.
17      Let stretch above the earth the might of Heaven!
Psalm 8
1     Heavenly Name - inspiration all over the world
1     Heavenly Will propagates furthermore than the skies
2     Breathing of babies declares the Glory of God
2     And overpowers perversion, misfortune and lies.
3     Beauty of heavenly heights is a gift from Your hands-
3     You birthed celestial stars and perpetual moon.
4     How do You hear the beating of hearts on the land?
4     How do You care for everyone - nighttime and noon?
5     Your faithful likeness gave life to the spirit of man
5     Your holy message had opened to humans Your deeds
6     You had delivered to man holy works of Your hands
6     You had attentively put everything at his feet
7     Herds and all flocks as abundant as numerous stars
8     Birds in the skies and the vigilant beasts in the fields,
8     Fish in the sea that obey an invisible path
9     Let Thy Name be as an endless, interminate feast.
                                   Psalm 10/11
2      You maliciously call to me: fool! Fly away from the road!
2      Your hostility tightens the strings of the poisonous bows.
2      When you shoot from the darkness of night, feeling safe and remote,
1      You deny that my Heavenly Shield would protect from your blows.
3      When the walls of the law are destroyed - there are no supporters;
4      I rely on the only support - I rely on the Lord, -
4      For He sees human deeds, for He hears all the whispers and roars -
5      For the truth in the scales of God outweighs all the wrong.
6      Rains of justice become burning flames for the vicious, ignoble -
6      Scorching wind from the desert becomes their lot and their fate,
7      For the Lord loveth truth, for Himself He is virtuous and noble -
7      In the hour of justice He turns to the people of grace.
                      Psalm 11/12
1     No more the meek are seen, no more the godly,
2     Who open their mouth for to pray.
2     No more the words of truth are heard and spoken    
3     But falsehood would no longer last and stay.
4     Those who exalt with words obscene and empty
4     Who swear that they're masters to themselves
5     They'll see the day of justice and redemption
5     You'll come to the spiritual and fair.
6     They'll hear the word of sense, divine and flawless
7     That's uttered for forever and a day -
8     The vanquish for the senseless words and gossip
8     But shelter for the godly for an aye.
Psalm 12/13
1   Day by day goes away - You neglect and forget me forever,
1    Day by day You delay and conceal Your celestial face,
2    Day by day I will pray, seek and call, and await holy favour,
2    Day by day the malicious will reign in their joy and disgrace.
3    Please, do open my eyes, and don't let me slip into the shadows,
4    I'll be firm and hold on, so do not let my foe overcome.
5    I believe that You'll see all my strife, all my faith and endeavours
6    I will sing to my Lord, glorifying the day that will come.
Psalm 13/14
1     The madmen preach "There is no God at all"
1     In obstinacy they reject the Higher
2     My God, You wished to see the light or glow
2     But did not find the people of Your fire
3     The lechers and the laymen turned aside,
3     And all of them for You became unpleasing
4     O, when the just and right will stand upright
4     And see that only You are all releasing!
5     The evildoers fall in pain and fright
6     When they conceive the prophecy of beggars.
7     You only save Your people who are right         
7     But what a few - the people, who are fair!
                                        Psalm 15/16
1     My Hope and glory, Uttermost concealment,
2     You are my shield, my wealth and adoration,
3     I feel the faithful sounds of hearts, that beating,
3     With them together I unite my passion.
4     Sink in disaster gods of the defeated!
       I do reject the victims of your thrones,
5     The legacy of God is my commitment
       My share is in His hands and not beyond.
6     Abundant fields and years You have given,
7     I send my grateful prayer in the morning,
8     Through all my life I`m trusting and believing,
       I`ll never lose my uttermost adoring.
9      My heart is warm, my soul is rejoicing
10    Because I know, I would not die forlorn.
10    The gift of faith denies the deadly crossing    
11    For my eternity is Yours alone.
                          Psalm 18/19
1,2   Heavens sing of Divine Glory through the years and the clouds
2,3   Night and day the breath moves over but without words or sound
4     From the ends of earth all over coming down by now and ever
4     Stars are wispering the sermon, thus displaying sense of Heavens.
5     From the Higher Crystal Palace sun is lightening forever
6     Trace of Lord the path of splendour brightens earth by its endeavour
7     Word of Lord is clean and perfect - it ignites the willing souls
7     Heaven's statutes are trustworthy - making simple, wise, and bold.
8     Ordinances - fair and righteous making eager hearts rejoicing
8     Precepts - eloquent and pious - open eyes to those remorsing
9     Fear of Godship is primeval but enduring forever
9     Will of God is keen and wishful, just and righteous now and ever
10    Overweighing all the treasures, more than mundane gold and jewels
10    Wise and priceless Heaven's message - great reward, Godsend renewal.
12    Teach to recognise the errors and unwilling faults that hidden
13    Keep away from sinful dares - make them banned and forbidden
13    Don't allow to fall to vicious, go astray to misbelieving
13    Give repentance and contrition, free from doubt and misgiving
14    Let my words and thoughts be fair, for Your gladness, to be pleasing                                                                     
14    God of heaven annunciation, heaven's Word, rampart and shielding
                                Psalm 20/21
1     Yes I'm king but I live and survive by the God-given glory
1,2   The donation of God is beyond what I wished and much more
2,3   You poured down on me heaven's love unforseen and awarding
3     And placed down a crown on my head - the allotment of God
4     I besought only life but You gave me the span of the ages
5     You gave honour and majesty, hardly forseen on the earth
6     You have granted the joy of Your presence, unfailing and blessed
7     For my trust and my hope in You is never shattered and lost
8     How insane and blind are those who deny Your prevailing.
9     Only You understand what a fate they do gain by their default,
10    Their offspring forgets to be born and wouldn't cry for their failing,
11    For this lineage does challenge to plot against Thee in revolt.
12    When Your arrows will whistle - the wicked will get into trouble
10,11 But their falsehood will never succeed to conceal their way
13    You'll rise over the earth by the Sun of Your victorious triumph
13    Be exalted, O Lord! We'll acclaim Your might and Your fame.
                            Psalm 21/22
1     O, my God, O my Lord, turn to me, tell me why You've forsaken
1     Don't You hear my cry, elevated to You and appealing
2     Day and night I'm beseeching Your grace pleading for Your redemption
2     But You are far apart, and no sleep nor repose slake my feeling
3     You are Light and You live in the people's esteem and acclaim
4     Our fathers gave credence to You and You sent them Your favour
5     They confided in You and persistently worshiped Your Name
5     They proclaimed You, good Lord, being never harassed in their prayer
6     Now I am like a worm and a pariah scorned and clamoured
7     All who see me, they mock me, disgrace, show contempt and disdain:
8    "Let the Lord God deliver his faithful if he is so favored
8     He said Godship would never abandon and certain sustain"
9     It is You Who has brought me to life - by Your Will I was formed
9     You reposed Your baby at lenient breast of his mother
10    From the day of my birth I've been cherished by Thee and been warmed
10    From the very beginning You were my celestial father
11    Don't abandon, You see unavoidable death calls me out
12    Vicious warriors stand like a wall - they embrace all around
13    Like a roaring lion they tear and gnaw their plunder
14    I am poured like water - my bones are disjointed, unsound.
14    All my heart turned to wax - it is melting and leaking all over
15    All my strength has dried up just as clay in the fiery oven
15    And my tongue parches up, sticks to palate and tortures the throat
15    I feel breathing of death - my extreme unavoided and certain
16    Crowds of hatred endanger, embrace and encircle me tightly
16    Weary hands, tired feet they coldbloodedly pierced with nails
17    Rabble counts my bones - for my withered skin fails to hide them
17    I become entertainment to those whom I loved all amain
18    They divide rippen garments, and cast their lots for my clothing
19    Don't abandon me Lord 'cause I know You will always be near
19    Do no longer delay - do redress, do relieve and repose me
20    Please do cure the desperate soul from exanimate fear
21    Rescue me from the angry devouring beasts ever wild
22    I'll declare Your Name far aloud among smitten brothers
23    To these crowds I bring annunciation of God given dowry
23    You, who honour the Lord, do extol Him, repent and devout
23    O my people awake and attend, glorifying your Master
23    Sons of Israel hearken and listen to Godship, all people
24    For the Lord in His love did not ever forsake the despised
24    For He heard the cry out of downcast kept in besiegment.
25    It's from You comes my fame to console and relieve fervent people
25    Just for them I'll fulfill consecration of all given vows
26    Give the humble to quench from the horn of the generous giving
26    Godhead let them acclaim You - their hearts will be never abandoned.
27    All the lands on the earth will hark back to adore their Godship
27    All the nations and tribes will devoutedly bow and implore Him
28    For the kingdom of God and His ruling is ever and perfect
29    Those rich and the reckless - beseech highest mercy, and worship
29    Recognize Him who faces the brink of eternal bereavement
31    Those hearkening now - tell of God and enliven the living
30    My posterity will glorify Him and see the fullfilment
31    And conceive what the Godhead has done generations retrieving.
                                Psalm 28/29
1      Chant to the Almighty and adore Him.
1      Sons of God, acclaim with holy prayer,
2      Chant to the Divinity and worship
2      In the splendor of the holy places.
3      Voice of God rushes over mighty waters,
4      Stout voice recites a sacred tone.     
5      Cedars crush to chips with heavy groaning,   
6      Hills go up and down in Lebanon.             
7      Voice of Heaven blazes light and flame,
8      Mighty sound overwhelms the desert.
9      Deer run away in fright and shame,
9      Leaves are falling down like heavy rain.
9      Glory of His might embellishes temples,
10     Power of His deeds excedes the Flood,
11     Honour of His Name inspires blessing
11     To the faithful - He is pride and light.
                          Psalm 32/33
1      Sing to Lord you faithful and spiritual
1      Those upright acclaim the Higher majesty
2,3   On your harp and lyre, with a diligence
2,3   Chant aloud His uttermost celebrity
4      For the Word of Lord stems from infinity
4,5   For His mercy's boundless prosperity
6     Word of God - the beauty of the skies above
6     Breath of Lord - the splendor of His magnitude
7     Gaze of Lord filled oceans with abyssmal flood
8     Might of Lord makes trembling all the multitudes
9     For the order of the holy Word of God
9     Birthed the universe and everything around
10     He destroyed bane purpose of the pagan tribes
11     His provision lives in the posterity
12     Blessed are peoples longing Higher love -   
12     Seeking Lord through prayer and the verity
13,15 For He sees the evil and preserves the humble
13,14 For His watch and presence are perpetual
16    Kings are never saved by strength of warriors
16    Power of the strong woun't give deliverance
17    Faithful colt woun't help as nor the stallion
18    Trust and confidence to God provides your chance
18    At an hour of mischance gives hopefulness
19    Will preserve your life from blight and moth and rust
20    That is why I credit to the Uttermost
20    Day and night His presence is abounding
21    That is why my soul is filled with rejoice
21    If I hear the name of Lord around me
22    Grace of Lord is granted by the Holy Ghost
22    I beseech please hear me, All-powerful
                        Psalm 33/34
1     All the days while I live I extol the Almighty's perfection
2     I acclaim for an aye and the song of my heart lasts forever
2     People humble and meek, all the desperate hearts, feel affection!
3     Do exalt in our joy, glorifying His name together.
4     Thrown into disaster I prayed and besought God's salvation
4     Holy Deity answered my desperate cry with redemption
5     At an hour of penitence He gratifies liberation
6     I have seen that the prayer of last downcast got attention.
7     Through invisible guardship He helps people humble and godly
8     So calm down rebellious earthlings and trust Him forever
8,9  And you'll see how fair and gracious is Godship All-holy
9     Ever blessed and fortunate - those who trust Him in prayer.
10    When the proud and mighty felt sure, convinced and unfailing
10    They were suddenly captured by desperate grief and frustration
10    Only faithful to Lord maintain to live and remain
11    Ask Him frankly and hopefully - He will deliver salvation.
12    You who asked for longevity, charity and condescension
13    Keep your mouth from evil; be trustworthy, righteous and plain
14    Turn from evil to good and you see the Above comprehension
14    Do endeavour to peace and within it revive once again.
15    All the cries of His faithful the Uttermost Diety hears
16    But the sons of mischief overflow the cup of His patience
16    Their memory never retains, disappear, and clear
17    But repentance of even the vicious delivers salvation.
18    God will always remain with the sorrowful, broken by trouble
18    And the voice of the meek will attain the Almighty, all-fair
19    At the desperate hour when troubles surround and double
20    From the head of the exigent would never fall even hair.
21    The malicious and vicious destroy the retreat of their own
21    They would punish themselves, those wishing defeat to the righteous
22    The Divinity loveth His flocks, never leaves them alone
22    He will cure the hearts of the fair, inspired and pious.
                    Psalm 37/38
1     Please do not judge me in Your fury and Your anger,
       And in Your cruelty do not impose to trial -
       Your arrows overcrowd, menace and endanger,
       Your weighty hand of justice questions my survival.
3     All of my essence screams, all of my hope is dying,
       My calm would not return, my bones would not sustain,
       My heavy guilt is overwhelming and depriving -
       The burden of my blame would quash my rise again.
5      My wounds disrupt the flesh and agonise the feelings,
       My spirit's broken down and all my soul is mourning,
       My pain would never stop; my flaws are never healing,
       My health would definitely never be returning.
8      I'm utterly destroyed, demoralized completely;
       The panting gasp - my cry, the breath - my dissolution.
       But striving for Your Will inspires all my being,
       I do believe - await the Ultimate solution.
10     My yawning heart is trembling, strength of body fading,
       My eyes no longer shine, their colour's almost bleaching,
       All my beloved have gone to distant haze and shading
       They still environ me, alas, beyond of reaching.
12   Those hating me renew unfair traps and netting,
       And cowardly forecast that very soon I`ll perish,
       And every new day plot a novel undertaking;
       I'm keeping meek and dumb, I strive for You, I famish.
16   But I would never give surrender to the wicked -
       In vain they would await from me improper stepping.
       I'm close to downfall, but recognize their tricking,
       I realized my faults and slipped away from trapping.
19   Transgressors flourishing, the wicked multiplying.
       They hunt my very soul, pursue without reason,
       Deceive my honesty, in cruelty replying,
       Entice my virtue, dupe me, slander, mock and tease me.
       My Lord, do not abandon - I am weak and tired,
       Do come and favour me, I'm begging You, release me.
                             Psalm 38/39
1    I was patient and silent, restrained and thoroughly prudent,
      I was meek all the time while concealing the innermost pain,
2,3 But an hour had come that awoke me from being endurant -
3    At an hour of truth I revise all my life once again
4    All my years and days in the face of my Lord measure nothing
5    All the lives of the people I knew are no more than a breath
6    When they earn and get hold of the wealth their lives are bypassing,
7    But I know that my wealth is is in You and is nowhere else.
      O, release me from sin, don't submit me to vice of the vicious
9    Only due to Your Will I kept silent and carried the weight
10   I beseech You for only a trice turn Your face to my wishes
11   Please, before I will vanish from earth in my temporal fate.
12   I do hope that You heed to the weeping and cry of my prayer
12   That You hear at last outcry of the groaning flesh
12   I am stranger on earth, like my father mete temporal share
13   Please, before I will die, be so good, do reveal sacred face.
                      Psalm 41-42/42-43                     5/6
1     Like a deer pants for springs of water
1     So my soul pants for You my Holy Godship.
2     To content my thirst for You, All-holy
2     I essay to You with hope that You send mercy.
3     Day and night the tears - my allottment
3     When I hear exclamations "Where's your God Lord?"
4     But I will return to You unspotted
4     And will come with dear brothers to Your home.
5     Tell my soul why you're in a sorrow?
5     Why you are disturbed with sad and heavy groaning?
5     Put your hope in God - wait sweet tomorrow
5     Soon the day will come - you'll never be alone.
6     That is why my soul knows disaster
6     For I think of Lord so far apart from home
7     Where the waves of foreign sea sweep faster
7     Waves of heaven's fury overwhelmed and stroke me.
8     Every day I wait for grace and mercy
8     And my prayer lasts the night and day all over
9     But again the faithless teased me worsely
10   Taunting: "Where is your Defender and Your Stronghold?"
1     Vindicate me O my Lord of justice
1     And protect from their falshood and aggression
2     Tell me why You left me so abandoned
2     Why I suffer from disaster and oppression
3     Lit my way with light of Holy flame
3     It will guide me right into Your holy temple
4     And I'll see, I suffered not in vain
4     I will sing to You on harp, O my Salvation!
                          Psalm 50/51
1      I'm begging You: believe me and forgive,
2      Do wash away my guilt and all dishonour,
3      The shame and blame have cast me into grief -
4      All I have done offends You,o my Godship,
4      I do deserve Your trial, but forgive.
5       I'm born in sin and carry it within,
6       But from Above You graft in me Your Meaning,
6       Your breath of virtue gently rooted in,
7,8    Your freedom showered all my wayward feeling,
7,8    Within  Your joy  my life again begins.
9,10   Forgive my fault, refill my heart with space,
10     Renew my fate, revive again my sound,
11     Don't turn away Your Spirit and Your Face,
12     Make me upright, high minded and stout,   
12     Refill my heart with happiness and grace.  
13     I'll tell the wicked, starving for Your Will,          
13     To feel the sense, relieving and restoring.
14     They do not want to sacrifice and kill,
14     They're longing for Your Word to be belonging,
14,15  O, let me sing this Word and this appeal.    
16     O, Lord, You do not want burnt sacrifice -
17     The better gift would be repentant spirit.
18     After Your Temple, built and broken twice
19     Redeems the fault and guilt of any wicked,
19     Your Lamb will bring the whole Word for us.
                           Psalm 56/57
1     Forgive me, fair Lord, O please forgive me
1     Your holy grace my soul's calling out        
1     Descend, defend, protect and please do shield me
1     When trouble and disaster are around        
2     I pray to You and call, do come Almighty
2     You are my only fortress and salvation
3     And You will hear my prayer and my crying
3     You are the Lord, relieving my frustration
4     The predators and plunderers like beasts surround
4     The cunning is their craft, an artful action    
4     Their teeth like spears, tongues are their armour
4     And I become a prey of defamation     
5     Exalt above the skies, again resound
5     Stretch majesty of Yours above opression
6     They spread a net for my disastrous soul
6     My spirit bowed down in depression
6     They've dug my grave, preparing to sloughter
6     But there they fell, in their self-deception
7     O, Let my heart be faithful to the Higher
7     I will rejoice and glorify Your Name
8     Awake my song, awake my harp and lyre
8     Awake the dawn, resound with your flame  
9     My song will fly away among the tribes and nations
9     I'll sing about You among the peoples
10    I'll tell: Your grace is great and everlasting
10    Your truthfulness is bottomless and deeper
11    Exalt above the skies, protect the waiting
11    Stretch over all the world Your might completely.
Psalm 62/63
1     My Lord, I desperately long and seek
1     I wander through the cold and early morning.*
1     My spirit thirsts for You, my heart's adoring,
1     My flesh is hungry, famished, weak and sick
1     In weary desert, waterless and stolid.                                                                      
2     O, yet to meet the Uttermost again!
2     It used to be: I met You in the temple
3     I was revived by mercy, mild and gentle,
3     I felt Your love, I knew that You sustain,
3     And prayed to You and sang aloud ever grateful.
4     My prayer lasts as long as I do live,
      I lift my hands to You all of my years,          
      I`m longing for Your Spirit to be near,
5     I sing to You - The Lord of my reprieve.
5     My prayer nourishes me and rids from fear.
6     Again with You I rise up in the dawn,
6     I long for You through all the nights and mornings,
7     You always are my help, you are my shoring.
8     My soul with You would never be forlorn,
8     Your hand has always been supporting and upholding.
9     That way of mine provokes the wicked's hate,
       Those deeply sunk in sin and in obsession.
10    The day will come - they die in false confession,
11    But You, my God, will save Your faithful's fate,
11    Those drowned in guilt will die in hell's possession.
* - line taken from Septuagint, absent in Masoretic text.
                       Psalm 87/88
1     Please have mercy on me - day and night all my life I cry out
2     Turn Your face to my prayer, O Lord - I am down and out
3     Heavy burden of grief overcame, overflowed with shortcoming
3     All my life comes to naught, unavoidable death is forthcoming           
4     I was already counted dead and among those slain
4     Neither dead nor alive, losing all vital strengh I remain
5     I am cast down among the demised that lie still and inane
5     You no longer remember, Your breath would not touch them again
6     That is why You have plunged me in hell, to the bottomless torment
7     For Your patience expired with me, Your forbearance shortened                   
7     Waves of Your heavy wrath overwhelmed me, engulfed me with fear
8     You have taken away all my friends, my beloved and those dear.
8     You have made me a shameful and odious sign of disdain
8     I'm confined and detained and unable to flee from the jail.                                         
9     The abyss of my eyes overflows with grief and despair
9     Day and night I call out, spread out my hands for Your share
10    Whether You, O my Lord, can unveil for the dead heaven's wonder
10    Would they rise from their graves to extol You, or wake from their slumber?
11    Would they ever declare Your grace from their place of destruction?
12    Would they know in oblivion Your wonderwork and Your unction?
13    But I nevertheless long for Your holy grace, I cry out
13    Every morning my prayer is given to You with no doubt     
14    Don't You hear, O Lord, my repentant and penitent soul?
14    Why do You hide Your face; would You ever reveal and devout it?
15     From my youth I have constantly lived in distress and in pain
15     The onslaught of Your blaze is on me, I can't bear or sustain
16     So Your wrath overwhelmed my desperate life, vain and squalid   
16     All the trials You sent - they demolished my life and destroyed it     
17     Every day like a flood they surround, encircle like water
17     They depressed me completely, engulfed me and covered all over
18     You have taken away all those dear, beloved and cherished
18     I don't see them at all - those alive do not meet with those perished.
                            Psalm 89/90
1     Our gazes primevally flickered in heavenly cradle -
2     Just before You established the sun and the world of creation.
3     You call back and the earth turns to be the eventual resting -
4     The melleniums rush like a moment in Your revelation.
5      Our span like a stream goes away, like a dream rushes over,
5,6   Just as grass in the morning bright green, in the evening turns yellow.
7      Spring is gone - and Your fury rise's over the heads of a sorrow
8      Strokes of hearts will account for sins just before their ending.
9      All our days pass away like a brook, melt into the obscurity
10    Generations expend their days in but trouble and sorrow
11    Unavoidable chastening crushes the mortal's impurity
11    Inescapable payment prevents the onset of the morrow.
12    Teach us properly to build our days and inspire with principle,
       Pour compassion of Yours to Your sons and do, please, shorten chastening.
       In the morning convey from the heaven Your Holy benevolence,
       Make the following day be the joy of celestial mastering.
15    And repay with forgiveness for years of sin bringing suffering
       Send Your grace to attain us and children from higher dimension
       Make our deeds be the favour for You, make them gladden Your charity,
       Do accomplish our prayer and wishes with Your condescension.
                           Psalm 90/91
1     He who knows the Deity, feels the Almighty`s affection,
2     Ever saying to Him: You're my fortress, my shield and protection.
3     The Almighty will save him from harm and deliver salvation,
4     And protect him by resolute Will of the Lord of creation.
4     When God's truthfulness is your rampart and your guard from the terror
5     Never fear the dread in the night nor the flight of the arrow,                      
6     Nor distress and unrest nor the midday of horrible battle.
7     For ten thousand enemies fall - they will scatter and stumble                                                                                                                           
8     You will only observe their requital, defeat and frustration –
9     For you always rely on mysterious God-sent salvation.
10    Then no harm will befall you and no plague will enter your home
11    For He'll order the angels to guard you, not leave you alone
12    They will lift up the faithful, prevent and protect from misstepping,
13    And the Lord will disperse all your nightmares, fright and despair.
14     He'll protect and defend for your love and tenacity only
14     For you always remember the Name of the Lord, and adore Him.
15     When you call Him at midnight or noon - the Almighty will hear
15     And will help you in trouble, support you and always be near
16     And reward with longevity, dignity, freedom from fear.                             
                              Psalm 92/93
1     Clothed in majesty, loveliness, charm and grace,
1     Armed with uttermost might and intensity,
2     You rose up to invisible heights and space
2     Your abode of eternal resplendency
3     Peoples lift up their voice in united strengh,
3     Heavy currents and founts consolidate.     
4     But Almighty is stronger than human sense,  
4     The celestial magnitude dominates.
5     Beauty of the creation alone confirms
5     Revelations of prophet's austerity.
5     The reflection of heavenly sense adorns
5     Voice of Heaven, alive in posterity.
                          Psalm 102/103
1      Acclaim the holiness of God and Lord of us
       The soul strives to Him and chants His Name
2      Send gratitude to Highest very fond of us
       Do not forget His loving and acclaim.
3      Lord's highest grace forgiveth our debts
       The grief of wounded hearts He is relieving
4      So even death at glance of God regrets    
       The love of Lord is granted and conceding.
5      The prayer of His sons the Lord is heeding 
        So youth of yours like Phoenix is renewed
6      The grief of the oppressed hearts He's healing
7      As He revealed to His folk His doings.
8      The Lord's compassionate, His love abounding
        His anger never harbours us forever
9      So He is never all the sins accounting
10    Forgiving us and giving us His favour.
11   As high as heaven stars, that shine above
       Forgiving mercy drops to those of credence
12   As far as is the East from West apart
       God will divorce our sins to make them leave us
13   As father gives compassion to his children  
       Our Lord forgives the faithful and obedient
       He knows: our ashes into the earth are given -
14   Almighty knows the terms of our living.     
15   The days of man - like grass that shortly flourishing
       He is alike the flowers shortly blooming
16   The wind will blow the petals out of sight, and
       The field will not remember summer grooming.
17   But grace of our Lord is everlasting
       His touch proceeds to live in generations
18   Who're keeping God, they hearken and awaken
       And follow it with prayer of veneration.
19   The Lord of everything reigns in the heaven
       And all the world His kingdom's overwhelming
20   Those thousands of heaven's hosts acclaim          
       Those who obey His biddings with a hailing.
21   Acclaim the Lord, all heavenly inhabitants
       Let's chant the song, those within His dominion
22   Acclaim the highest Will of God and dignity
       Up to the skies from every place we're living on.
                        Psalm 103/104
1    O, my soul do acclaim the Almighty, do chant and sing
      Divine splendor and glory reign over the everything.
2    In the heavenly brightness You wrap with a garment of holiness,
      Dressed in light, clothed in shine, we do see - You are boundless.
3    Cliffs and rocks You created above all the water dominions
     All the clouds are Your chariots, winds are Your wings, so mysterious.
4    So You order and govern and rule over heavenly servant stuff
     Bear flames of the fire and flight of the spirits of all above.
5    Steady firmness of earth is established and settled immovable
6    You had covered the globe with a water, so leaky but durable
7    At the order of boundless voice those waters are splitted down
8,9  You restricted the waters to rivers and lakes scattered all around.
10   You directed the brooks to reflect all the mountain walls
11   Through the cliffs and the rocks deers descend to content their thirst
12   In the thickets beside streams and waterfalls birds singing all aloud
13   You inspired the valleys and grooves by the rains falling all around.
14   You made grasses to grow for cattle and man, feeding from the earth
15   Wine that gladdens the heart of a man comes from grapes of Yours.
       Saturated with sunshine the ointment is ripen within olives
       At the fields of the husbandry wheat makes a spike for a man to live
16   You have planted the plenty of trees and the cedars of Lebanon
17   There the birds make their nest and the storks find refuge to avoid the storm
18   In the mountain snow wild goats are seeking a place to hide
       In the crags timid coneys discover the shelter where to abide
19   And Your sun and the moon show man proper date and becoming hour
20   At the time of the night all the beasts of the forest are coming out
21,22 They beseech for their prey but at sunrise they're hiding and go away
23   It is timely for people to go to work at the light of day
24   All the marvellous works, Our Lord, in Your wisdom You made them all
24,25 You inhabited earth by the creatures, the seas - by the large and small
26   Among floating ships jerking dolphins divert and surface to shine
27   They all look for Your giving them food at a proper time.
28   When You give it to them they will readily snap it and gather up
29   When You're hiding Your face from them they would be terrified
      When You take breath away from them they go to dust and die
30   When You’re sending Your Spirit, the earth gains them all alive.
31    Let the glory of Yours last forever, endure for to resume
32    When You look at the earth it is shuddering, emitting fume
33,34 I will sing to the Lord cause my life is of Higher reward
35    Let the stronghold of sinners extinguish and go up in smoke.
                          Psalm 109/110
1     Almighty blazed a word, superior and righteous:
1    "Do stay with me until I bring to You
1     Your enemies, and cast them to the feet of Justice,
2     And bring them to the Divine trial suit.  
2     Upon subjection to the fire of Your sanction
3     All people gather kneeling at Your feet
3     You had been earlier than earliest creation,
3     Forever young and knowing no defeat."
4     The thousands of ages hear and admire:
4    "You are the Ruler to the judgment day
5     You are my right hand and nobody will deny it
5     When You will crush the kingdoms gone astray.
6     Your righteousness will dash the guilty land and nation
6     They'll charge the world by groan of their sins     
7     You'll fill Your fair cup of judgment with redemption*
7     And raise Yourself over the new pristine."
* - Ancient tribes had a habit to pour the blood of a sacrificed animal into a brook and drink the diluted blood as a sign of redemption.
                          Psalm 126/127
1     If our Lord does not help build a house -
       Builders endlessly labour in vain.
       If He does not watch the city about -   
       Guards would not help - for they never sustain
2     For what purpose to rise early into the morning?
       For what purpose in vain to sleep so much later?
       In the everyday sweat work and labour for worldly -
       To His faithful asleep He will give all the better.
3     Children - are main reward from creation -
       Fruits of love are a God-given favour.
4     Arrows of power - the God-sent salvation -
       Sons of your youth lend a hand and endeavour.
5     He who fills up his quiver with arrows is happy,
       He is filled with a joy, does not count his years.
       He would never spend words, would be never misstepping 
       When the foe's at his gate - he does never feel fear.
                         Psalm 127/128
1    Peace to you, who adore and revere and cling to the Lord God
2    Every day in your home you will eat the first fruits of your work                                               
3    And your wife will be as a resplendent grapevine; full of honour,
3    You will sit at your table with sons that surround like flocks.
4     Happy are you who hail the Almighty the One and the only
5     The persistence of God will watch over your town and abode
6     Sons of your sons will make your old age happy and ever joyful
6     Peace will be in your land and your city and your home.
                      Psalm 129/130
     The essense of my depths are crying and moaning
     Please turn Your face to my profound pleading
3   Give grace and mercy to my lonely soul
4   As You gave it to others - do forgive me.  
4    I trust and wait and long for Your forgiveness
4    I tremble and wait for answer of reprieve
5    In Holy words I'll find retreat and credence
6    I wait the morning star of Your retrieve.    
7      I trust and wait like people of Your Covenant
7      They rise to Your anticipated dreams 
8      Await Your grace and hope that You my Godship
7      Will rescue them from fetters of their sin.
                    Psalm 138/139
1    Your hidden presence overwhelms me like a shadow -
2    You see me sitting, rising, feel my inner fashion.
3    In slumber or alert - Your watch is all embracing,
3    You always see my ways and know my contemplations.
4    You catch a word not yet emitted from a throat,
5    Eclipsing hands of Yours percieve my very essence,
6    Mysterious exhale permeates, pervade and coat,
7    Your Spirit everywhere displays a hidden presence
8    And if I fly above - I find You in the heaven,
8    I never lose You even at abysmal bottom,
9    And if a light of dawn will cast over the main,    
10   Your hand will find me even far over the ocean.
11   I wondered if the gloom of night could ever hide me,
12   But darkness laughed at my ridiculous intensions.
12   The night is furtherance for You and helps to find me,
12   For even midnight - shining light in your dimension.
13   You gave me life; You knit me deep inside my mother,
14   From head to foot You made my body one and whole,
15   And when the covert hour of my birth came out -
16   My days within Your book were timely for to follow.
17   The magnitude of God is well beyond conceiving,
17   His works and thoughts - are fascinating and exceeding.
18   Nobody counting the grains of sand succeded...
18   I once again awake and feel that You are heeding.
19   Release me from the evil of the vile and wicked,
19   Take them away; remove them from my route and road -
20   Their words - impiety, hypocrisy - their freedom
20   Their falsehood utters Holy Name with sham and load.   
21,22 I do reject all those, who're truth of God rejecting.
23    Please search my very heart, percieve my very essence,
24    Protect from wayward way and from committing error.
24    O, show me virtuous way, upright and everlasting!
                         Psalm 142/143
1     O God of goodness, please accept my prayer,
       Lean Holy righteousness to my persistent trying,
       Support me with Your grace and with Your favour, 
2     Please, notwithstanding all my guilt and my shortcomings.
3     The enemy has crushed me to the ground,
       Trampled to the mud and made my death be very near,
4     The voice of fading heart does not resound,
       My soul is weary and overwhelmed with fear.
5      I call to mind the days of long ago,
        Considering perfection of my God again,
6      I spread my hands and open up my soul -
        I'm like a desert badly longing for Your rain.
7      I'm begging You, my Lord, reply with favour   
       My spirit fades, does not support my very being.
       Don't turn away, look at all my endeavors,
       Do not allow me to be at all extinguished.
8      In  morning prayer show me holy meaning
       I trust and wish and wait the glow of Your heaving,
       Show me Your way - my very choice and living,
       I am all ears, only harkening, and heeding.
9      Defend me from the evil of the wicked,
10    And let my trustfulness belong to higher freedom.
        My only Lord, You are my wish and wisdom -           
        Reveal Your Holy Spirit, blessing and relieving.
11     O, let Your name be wellspring of my spirit,
         And by Your higher virtue rescue me from sorrow,
12     Give shelter and protect from bane and evil- 
         I'll chain myself forever to Your Word and Honour.
                            Psalm 145/146
2     Through all my life I strive for the Eternal,
      While still alive I'm cherishing the Lord.
      I'll never trust the faint help of mortals,
      I would not turn to rulers of the world.
      Into the wind their ashes will be thrown,
      Their wish will disappear, come to nought.
5     Blessed are those faithful to the Teacher,
      Who brought to being heaven, earth and sea,
      Inspired life in every living creature,
      And to the faithful breathed eternal peace.
7    His charity - indulgence to the grieved,
      His bread gives life to those deep in need.
7    The liberty for prisoners - His freedom,
      To the unseeing He provides insight,
      Inspires those broken down and beaten,
      Sustains the virtuous, fair, just and right,
      Upholds the homeless, fatherless and widows,
9    Helps wanderers find shelter for the night.
      The route of sin is given to oblivion,
10   The way of faith illumens the Lord's might.
                          Psalm 148
1     Acclaim the Lord up to the skies, the heights of the supernal,
2     Acclaim Him, angels high above, impetuous and eternal,
3     Acclaim Him, heaven, moon and stars, and shining light celestial,
4    Acclaim Him, waters in the skies, in everlasting vessels,
5     Acclaim the Lord because you are united in creation;
6     You dip into the river of time your immortalization.
7     Acclaim the Lord, entire earth and all the depth of ocean,
 8    Celestial lightning, hail and snow and hurricane in motion
 9    And all the mountains and hills, the orchards and the cedars
10   And all the beasts and cattle and birds and every breathing creature
11   And all the governors of world, all tribes and every nation,
12   Young men and maidens and adults in childlike adoration.
13  The name of God they`ll glorify in every land and nation
      Through all the heaven and the earth and every generation
      Give strength to people of Your trust who`re chanting and believing,
      To all the faithful of their God, who trust Him with their feeling.
                            Our Father
     Lord, the Father, unpercieved but real,    
     Ever blessed and hallowed be Your Name!        
     Let Your love that gives to stars their living  
     Come to people living on the land.           
     Give today our timely bread and living
     And forgive our iniquitious debts,     
     As we grant our debtors their forgiveness.      
     From temptation and the wrong give us defence! 

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