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Jack Senzig

Location: Wisconsin, USA
     Jack is the owner/editor of the Composers of Choral Music Community on ChoralNet.  He created and administers the Composition Showcase, has authored the Composer of the Month blog series and until recently wrote a weekly collumn on ChoralBlog titled The Composition Spotlight.  Although Jack's current focus is with children's choirs, he is an experienced high school, community choir and church choir director as well.  He is dedicated to serving the choral art for singers of all ages and all levels.
      Jack Senzig is the Executive Director of Our Musical Life Inc., a community music organization that has grown out of his efforts with the Gifford Children's Choir. This organization launched July 2012 with the Children's Choir of teh Internet, Treble Corps and the Racine Community Choir.  He is the founder and Artistic Director of the Children's Choir of teh Internet.
      Jack has carved a niche for himself in the choral world.  His groups specialize in internet memes, video game songs and internet culture.   His choirs have received almost 3 million views from over 200 countries. 
       Jack is an avid supporter of the creation of new music and has found funding for many commissions.  He also runs a repertoire sharing site called choirbragblog (For sharing choral repertoire through categorized YouTube videos).
       If you would like Jack to critique your composition or song meassage him but clarify what kind of critique you want:
            1.  Overview: just look or listen through for what jumps out.  This is usually for friends who really don't want a critique and would rather I say I like it. 
               2.  Positive: find the things that work well and hilight them. This is a lgitamate and useful critique and is what is used on the spotlight articles. 
               3. In depth: No holds barred, use all skills and preferences as a conductor, teacher and composer to help hilight strengths and weaknesses.  You must promise to still be friends when finished if you choose #3. Jack is a #3 guy all the way but understands that not everyone wants the cold hard truth (as he sees it).  That is why he always asks for clarification.  Jack would be happy to provide you with any of the three as time permits.
       Jack's biggest recent video production is of an original song he wrote for the game Minecraft and is performed by Children's Choir of teh Internet. It has received over 20,000 views and was written about in the Escapist Magazine.

      The selection below is of his choir's cover of the meme Trololo.  Jack and his international creative team took a Russian song without words and turned it into a Christmas classic.  For more information see his blog for the choir here. This performance was written about in the Escapist Magazine. And is included in the derivative videos for the Trololo meme on
The Gifford Children's Choir is a wonderful group of children from Gifford Elementary School, Racine, WI that has done some truly amazing things.  Their signature piece was a video performance of the Jonathan Coulton Song Still Alive from the video game Portal.  The video achieved 99% popularity and many YouTube honors.  The choir became known for their precoscious sense of humor.  Here is their own video remake of their successful Still Alive Video.
     For those who clicked on the video above, if you have never been Rick Rolled before, we are glad to have introduced you to the phenomenon. The Escapist Magazine helped Jack's choir to Rick Roll their audience in a May, 2010 article.   Premieres by the Gifford Children's Choir include three pieces by Harvey Sollberger of Strawberry Point, IA that they performed at the 2010 WCDA convention in Eau Claire, WI.  
      To kick off the concept of Senzig's new community music program Our Musical Life, children from all over Racine descended on the local skating rink for a Flash Mob Thank-you for Veterans in November of 2011.
Our Musical Life produced a video of Jack's former elementary school choir AppleChor.   It was a cover of Chemicals Collide by the indie band Cloud Cult.  The performance involved the audience in creating the sounds of a rainstorm followed by the children singing with a local band "Above the Fold."  The children received an invitation to sing on Cloud Cult's new album "Love."  Many AppleChor members and members of the Gifford Children's Choir have joined The Children's Choir of teh Internet to make the recording and to record a fan song video for the game Minecraft.  Cloud Cult's Album is available from the band's website.  The song they sang on is the last track.
Children's Choir of teh Internet has grown to include a second director, Mr. Timothy Keith Griffin jr. and has produced some really cool videos.  Here are the kids singing the original Pokemon Theme song including costumes and special effects.
Jack Senzig teaches vocal music at Gifford Elementary School in Racine, WI where he co-directs The Gifford Children's Choir and Cadence Choir with his teaching partner Timothy Keith Griffin Jr. 
Jack has become a resource for others on internet usage by public employees following a national political cyberbullying campaign waged against him. For a couple weeks he was more hated than Barak Obama in the right-wing flogosphere, a badge he wears with honor.   If you have read negative things online, remember, not everything you read on the internet is true and check your sources.  If interested, here is his response to the political cyber-bullies.  Bonjour!
Composition Showcase Entries:
     Begin Again (Graduation Song) Unison
     Mass for Advent SATB
     Psalm 13 Unison
     Unfinished Melodies SATB

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