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A Sad Spring Text

A few years ago as I walked to my high-school to work I was in a dark mood. My spirit was lifted for a moment when around the first of March I thought I saw a Robin in a tree. My hopes were dashed. When I got closer it flew away and this text came to mind: "there was no Robin there, only a mourning dove took it's flight. " it's been about 15 years and that text has stuck with me. If anyone has been looking for a spark have at it.
on March 19, 2016 6:51pm
You remind me of this Wallace Stevens poem, Jack.  Do you know it?

Depression Before Spring

The cock crows
But no queen rises.

The hair of my blonde
Is dazzling,
As the spittle of cows
threading the wind.

Ho! Ho!

But ki-ki-ri-ki
Brings no rou-cou,
No rou-cou-cou.

But no queen comes
In slipper green.
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