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Purchasing Music Digitally

Dear Conductors,
I'm exploring different options for making my choral scores available digitally, and I'd be grateful to know your thoughts on the following.
1. Is it important to you to be able to order or view a perusal score?
2. Do you like a traditional pricing model based on the number of copies needed?
3. Do you like a newer pricing model based on a single low-priced pdf to copy as needed and the payment of performance rights?
Any other thoughts? Thank you for taking the time to reply!
Jeffrey Bernstein
composer | conductor | pianist
on March 17, 2016 12:41pm
1. Yes, very.
2. Not my first choir
3. Yes.
on March 17, 2016 5:07pm
1. Very important - I will never again program a piece without being able to peruse a score first. (Learnt that the hard way!) I don't mind paying for a single copy.
2. Yes, we're all used to that.
3. No - I had to deal with that with a composer last year and it did my head in, since it required me to estimate how many times I may want to perform something again in the future, and by how many members my choir might grow in that time. 
on March 18, 2016 4:41am
A perusal score is required.  While I don't mind paying for single copies, I think it is just good marketing to provide conductors with complimentary  perusal scores. Please do not offer partial scores with pages missing.  
Most groups are used to paying per copy.  As for performance rights being tied to the purchase of the score, I have mixed feelings.  How do you keep track of number of performances?  I think membership in ASCAP and BMI makes more sense. That said, having recently been a participant in a composers' round table, most composers feel they are not receiving full compensation from ASCAP and BMI. 
on March 18, 2016 5:35am
1. Yes, crucial to have a perusal score. Don't mind either paying, or watermarked version. Some publishers allow 1/2 price perusal scores which is helpful.
2. Yes - easiest for me to manage, but not happy when pricing is the same price as pre-printed scores.
3. No.
on March 18, 2016 5:52am
1. Yes.  Absolutely need full perusal score.
2.  Recently, I purchased a piece for one price.  That one price allowed me to print a copy, and make up to 25 copies for MY SPECIFIC CHOIR  who was using the anthem.  On the music is marked the name of the choir and how many copies could be made.  This worked beautifully.  It kept the cost down - $10 for up to 25 copies and guarantees the right for the choir to use the song as many times as they want to now and in the future.
3.  See answer 2.  Yes, single priced pdf copy that covers it all.  The composer is well known and writes many beautiful pieces. This keeps the cost down to use many of his pieces in the future.  It's also just easier and avoids shipping costs.
on March 18, 2016 8:28am
Choral works available on the Swirly Music site all may be perused in full (not just sample pages) online. The flat-fee download license allows the purchaser (individual or organization) to make unlimited copies, now or in the future (copies get lost or choir grows) for its own use. FYI, works are also available as high-quality printed octavos.
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