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Does anyone use S-Cubed Sight Singing Program for High School Choir?

Does anyone use S-Cubed Sight Singing Program for High School Choir?
If so, I'm interested to see how you incorporate it. Do you alter it in any way to make it fit the high school age (I see it is geared toward middle schoolers).
I'm looking for a new program to teach Sight Singing to my high school choir and am considering S-Cubed by Dale Duncan. Any help would be appreciated.
Thanks in adance!
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on March 15, 2016 2:50am
Hi Rachael,
Thanks for your interest in S-Cubed!  I have been collecting the reviews since I began creating the program in 2013.  There are several hundred of them online.  While I haven't read through them recently, I believe there are some reviews from high school teachers.  Here are links to two places that include reviews:  
If you are a member of "I'm a Choir Director" on Facebook, you may wish to post this question there.  Lots of teachers on that page have bought and used the program, and I think you'll get many responses that will help you determine whether the program is right for you.
If you have any questions, please email me!  inthemiddlewithmrd(a)
Dale Duncan
Creator of S-Cubed Middle School Sight Singing Program for Beginners
on March 16, 2016 6:19am
Oops!  Just saw that one of the links was wrong!  Here is the link to the other area where I've collected reviews:
Thnaks and good luck!
on March 16, 2016 9:48am
I use it with my 9th grade/entry level choir because solfege sightreading is not taught at our feeder school and I like the way it is organized. I just use it as a framework on which to hang my own personality and teaching stradegies. But he's done a lot of the ground work for teaching beginners so I thought it was worth the money.  
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