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Grant Opportunity

Hi,  I have a great idea to get maybe $2,000 from a the state arts council.  
I'm wondering if anyone has had similar experiences.   I would like to be able to use the grant for
1.  New Music (we don't have a choral library)
2.  An Educational / Performance Trip (Atlanta area)
3.  Covering travel cost of MPA's and All State Students
Does this sound feasible?  Ideas and suggestions welcome.  
Thank you,
on March 2, 2016 8:15am
Are you a 501c3? Most Arts Councils require that or require that you be under some sort of an umbrella organization that has one. It helps if you want to use the funds to benefit the largest number of constituents within the communities the performers are in. Asking for funds to cover the expenses for a concert or special project that could be free or low cost for new attendees- even underserved minorities, is often quite attractive. So if you are asking for money to send your group out of town, or even a different town may not be as appealing to something which benefits those in your backyard. Therefore, a new choral library or your other two choices would only have an impact on your singers. You could try it because of course it seems deserving to fund, but perhaps an appeal to your town arts council might be better, or even a local bank with online application.
Another thing, it might seem too broad to be asking for these three things. Better to stick with one project and have it be so unique that no other choir could possibly asking for the same thing. Collaborations are great too.
....been there!
Andrea Goodman
Applauded by an audience of 2
on March 3, 2016 6:22am
From your question it sounds like maybe you don't have much, if any, experience with seeking grant funding.  If this is true, a good place to begin would be to ask your choir members if any of them, or anyone they know and can recruit to help you on a pro bono basis, has substantial and successful experience in seeking grant funding for any purpose, and ask for that person’s guidance immediately.  It looks like the Alabama State Council on the Arts (if you're still in Alabama) provides a number of different types of grant funding to arts organizations, including general operating support (a rare and precious thing), and gives specific how-to information on their website:
Grant funding is not easy to get, almost never provides the entire amount needed for any purpose, and seeking it requires a great deal of planning, preparation of materials (including financial statements), and attention to a hundred little details.  Writing a competitive grant proposal requires a great deal of time and effort.  ALL entities that provide grant funding receive many times more proposals than they are able to fund each year.
Your state arts council is also not the only place from which you could seek grant funding.  Go online and search for private foundations in your state that provide grant funding to arts organizations, and read about their specific requirements and areas of interest.
The most competitive grant proposals:
1.           Demonstrate that the organization is well managed and "knows what it is doing" in all areas of operation, and provides a valuable service to the community.
2.           Demonstrate that the community supports the organization’s efforts with ongoing, regular donations of both money and “in kind” assistance of various types (materials, labor, etc.).
3.           Are well written and well edited, contain everything the funder requires, and are submitted well before the deadline.  They follow the funder’s grant proposal guidelines to the letter.
4.           Show a thorough knowledge of the funder’s core interests, type(s) of funding it can provide, and level of funding it typically provides to organizations such as yours.
5.           Do not ask for the entire amount needed for supplies, materials, or a special project from only one funder, but demonstrate that enough financial resources can be obtained from many different sources to support a particular goal.  Being able to demonstrate that a considerable amount of money has already been obtained from other fundraising efforts to support a particular goal is a big, big plus.
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