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3rd Canta en Primavera – Festival Coral Internacional, Malaga, Spain

Location: Spain

In April, when large parts of Europe are still  hibernating, we present a springlike festival in one of Spain’s most  delightful regions. Spring in Málaga does not only stand for nature’s  awakening but is also symbolized by the many-voiced singing of choirs  from all over the world. The Canta en Primavera - Festival Coral  Internacional attracts international choirs into the Southern part of  the country right to the metropolis of Málaga.

Outstanding concert halls, churches and theatres  will serve as ideal venues for competitions and concerts. Friendship  concerts will also take place on open air stages within the heart of the  Andalusian city. And as usual each choir has the possibility to select  exactly those festival elements which suits its needs best:  Competitions, concerts and further training. Touristic excursions to the  beautiful Andalusian cities and landscapes will top this eventful  activity off.  

Ruhberg 1, 35463 Fernwald, Germany
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