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Choir Folder Hardware

I am an amateur leather craftsman and I have been asked to make some hand-tooled music folders for my choir.  My problem is that I cannot find where to buy the hardware needed.  I tried searching on line, but I don't know the names of the things I need.  Is there anyone who can help me find where to buy this hardware?  I am in Peru and am very doubtful that there would be anything available locally, so online is probably the best possibility.
My online searches have also revealed several different types of ready-made folders, and I would like suggestions about that as well.  My first thought is that ring binders would be difficult since punching holes in printed music could obliterate part of the printed image.
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on February 23, 2016 7:42pm
Dear Dale, hello!
Regarding material:
People first think of leather for folders, because it is elegant and durable, when sufficiently thick. On a dinner menu, or fine book, this makes sense.
However, leather is not practical for a choir folder which will be held for hours in the hand. There are two possibilties: either the leather is thin enough to be light, but so thin that it is not durable, and it will deteriorate very soon, when held in the hand for many hours by singers. Or else, it is thick enough to withstand this, and very heavy, and the singers will not like the heavy folders (but they might develop strong arm muscles!).
We find the sweet spot, with a deeply textured leatherette - the deep grain allows the hand to 'breathe' while holding the folder for many hours, and so it is very comfortable to the touch. However, as a synthetic material, it is extremely durable, and light, and it looks good. Some other manufacturers only have a token grain pattern on the surface, and of course it doesn't feel as good after some time in the hand, as perspiration does not evaporate. We have also found a very dense, light paperboard that resists warping very well, and these are the primary materials from which we craft our music folders.
I have seen a trend to increased use of rings with folders. Our folders with cords can add rings as an additional option. We have many styles, for all major hole-punching standards: 2, 3, 4-rings, and then there is Sweden which has its own unique hole-punch spacing - (varför? Jag vet inte - men de är mycket fina musiker, jag ska inte klaga)! We also have 'RingBinder' folders uniquely with good solid rings installed.
Yes we ship to Peru; we ship to anywhere that post and UPS (and other couriers) deliver. The shipping will either be slow and fairly expensive or fast and quite expensive - but if you have a travelling  friend passing through Vancouver, we are 10-15 minutes from the airport and regularly see travellers picking up our folders on a visit or stop-over. When I am in town and not rushing around to trade fairs and conferences, I would welcome a good excuse to go out to the Airport for a coffee, too :-) Our contact details are on the website - I hope we can help you.
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on February 24, 2016 8:35am
Thank you for our reply.  Before going any further, I would like to make sure we are talking about the same thing.  I am not looking to buy ready-made folders.  I only want to buy the hardware, specifically the metal brackets to which the cords are attached.  I don't know what they are called.  If you would be willing to sell me just the hardware, I would appreciate a quote for hardware sufficient to make 25 folders.
I have nothing to do with the administration of the choir.  I am but a member who also does leathercraft, and I have been asked to make the folders.  Each folder will be hand-tooled and personalized to the individual singer.  If you can help me, I will be grateful.
on February 24, 2016 6:09pm
See personal message, thanks. I understand. IB.
on February 24, 2016 7:45am
Mr. Erwin, I too believe that genuine leather is not practical for choral folders.  However, ring binders are a very popular style and most music is printed so that there is sufficient margin for the holes.  All of our great folders are made in the USA.  Please take a look at our offerings via this link
John Avila,
Valiant Music Supply, Inc.
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