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Phonetic Keyboards - Free iOS app Available

Location: New York, USA
/izəli taɪp fəˈnɛtɪks ænd aɪ pi eɪ sɪmbəlz ɪn æni aɪ oʊ ɛs æp wɪθ ðə fəˈnɛtɪk kibɔːdz æp/
With the FREE Phonetics Keyboards app you can type out IPA transcriptions and other diction notes on your mobile device for rehearsals, workshops, coachings, and lessons. Type phonetics directly into any number of iOS app: Contacts, Email, Notes, ForScore. Use IPA when discussing diction concepts on the ChoralNet forum! Conductors and teachers can create and edit powerful learning tools on the go.
One (1) Free Keyboard and Nine (9) Premium Keyobard layouts available. Language keyboards feature IPA symbols and characters that are typically used to transcribe sound set of that language. The symbols were selected from the IPA chart as published by International Phonetic Association, as well as popular dictionaries and learning materials. In layouting out the French, German, Italian, Russian, and Spanish keyboards, special attention was given to the relationship between orthography (spelling) and sounds. The Russian Phonetic Keyboard (Cyrillic) contains phonetic symbols as well as characters for scholarly and modern transliteration. 
Available Keyboards
  • Phonetic Keyboard - Lite is included free and can transcribe basic English sounds (also great for transcribing Church Latin)!
  • Complete IPA Keyboard
  • English Phonetic Keyboard
  • French  Phonetic Keyboard (AZERTY & QWERTY)
  • German Phonetic Keyboard
  • Italian Phonetic Keyboard
  • Russian Phonetic Keyboard (Cyrillic)
  • Russian Phonetic Keyboard (Roman)
  • Spanish Phonetic Keyboard
The developer of Phonetic Keyboards, Daniel Sommer, has a strong love of music and technology. For several years he taught English & German diction for singers at Mannes School of Music at New School University, and later German at the Manhattan School of Music. Additionally, for five years Daniel was the regular diction coach for the Oratorio Society of New York, a 200+ voice chorus (all of whom now love IPA). With these experiences in mind, Daniel designed Phonetic Keyboards to be intuitive and practical in a variety of settings. /hæv fʌn taɪpɪŋ wɪθ fəˈnɛtɪk kibɔːdz/!!!
(IPA from top line - "Easliy type phonetics and IPA symbols in any iOS app with the Phonetic Keyboards app.")
Screenshot of the Complete IPA Keyboard
Phonetic Keyboards Image