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grad credit online

I have taught choral music at all levels, kindergarten through junior college, for almost thirty years.  I've directed musicals, show choir, jazz choir, children's choir, and church choir.  My current assignment in 7-12 Vocal Music in Audubon Iowa.
I am trying to find graduate courses I can take online.  I have a B.A. in vocal and instrumental music, but my master's is is curriculum and instruction.  My principal wants me to teach a dual credit class in music appreciation (high school kids taking a course "in house" for college credit).  I have a few grad credits in music, so I am just kind of shopping around to take a couple 2 credit classes so I can meet the minimum requirement to meet the junior college's criteria for adjunct professors.
The problem I run into is most of the classes I find are embedded in graduate programs, which is not what I want or need.  I just need a couple of courses here and there, hodge-podged together, and I need to do them on line.  Thanks!
on February 21, 2016 9:55am
Not sure if these will meet your needs, but try Vandercook College of Music.  They have some online continuing ed classes.
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