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SATB Arrangement of "One Note Samba"

Hi Folks,
My chamber choir is trying to find something to sing for an Ella Fitzgerald 100th Birthday event next year in our community.  I really, really like her rendition of "One Note Samba" and am hoping to find an arrangement we can use.  Before I start floundering around in my research, thought I'd ask for your collective wisdom of what your favorite arrangements of this is.
Some things about my choir:
* Adults, many with music degrees
* We're not really jazz singers, though we have sung Swingle Singer charts, Dave Brubeck, Bobby McFerrin and a great Michelle Weir arrangement
* About 12 to 18 singers and I have no idea how many I'll have to work with next (2017) Janaury, so SATB (with maybe one or two divided parts here and there)
* Probably unaccompanied would be best but something with  keyboard or jazz trio could work too
Thank you all for any help pointing me in the right direction!
on February 11, 2016 5:30am
We used Roger Emerson's arrangement. This is not exactly what you are looking for as it is SAB and accompanied, but I very much liked the way it sounded. We added a drum set and a flute solo (we have a fantastic flautist on our faculty who frequently works with the choir). 
on February 11, 2016 9:00am
Sorry for my english, I'm an Uruguayan Choir Conductor.
"One note Samba" or "Samba De Uma Nota Só" in portugues, is not a Jazz song, is a Brasilian Samba (Barsilian Vossa Nova).
Regards from Uruguay.
Prof.M.Eduardo Julián
on February 11, 2016 11:56am
Try Calling Jennifer Barnes in the Jazz Department at the University of North Texas .....Mabybe she can help
Stan Schmidt, HostpProducer
Gong Beyond Words
on February 12, 2016 12:20pm
Marie, if you get stuck, I can proabably create an a cappella cover chart for you.  A cappella charts are my main thing.  Best, KenMalucelli(dot)com
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