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Children Sing Together! (Five 2-Part Children's Songs)

Choir type: Children's and Youth Choirs
Voicing: Children
Words & Music by Dorothy Harwood.  I have just finished a collection of five, 2-Part Children's songs.  The songs are written for equal voices and can be sung by two solo singers or choir.  The ranges are within an octave and designed for beginning choral singers.  The music is suitable for children of a very young age.  The songs are as follows:  "Hello" is really a welcoming song based on Kodaly principals to be used as the children enter the classroom.  It is also very good for special needs children as it is mostly an echo response song.  The next song: "My Cat Came Back" is a fun song about a cat, dog, and cow who are gone for a week but have nothing to say for themselves except, meow, bow-wow, and moo.  The last three songs in the set make a good group about the weather.  "Rain" and "Weary Winter Winds" are bouncy and percussive and "Snow is Softly Falling" is soft and smooth making a nice sandwich between the other two.  The songs are self-published by the composer, Dorothy Harwood.  The words and music are by the composer.  Please email me at for a free perusal copy. Please do not make copies without permission. Please write your address on the email so I can mail it too you.  Thank-you and enjoy.  Dorothy Harwood
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