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New Edition of Sing Me to Heaven for vocal solo!



I have two exciting bits of news to share today—


First, as a part of celebrating the 25th anniversary of the premiere performance of Sing Me to Heaven back in 1991, we are releasing a vocal solo version of the piece. There have been many requests for this over the years, so we are pleased to be making it available. There are versions in four different ranges. (Click the link below and go to the Catalog section to see ordering info.)

Second, also to mark the 25th anniversary is a completely new website. This one will work with all sorts of mobile devices far better than the “legacy” website which we had been using, and I’m resolving to keep it updated frequently with blog posts (see: How to Write a Choral Masterpiece, for example, or The Five Stages of a Commission) and news items.

Please do have a look, leave comments and enjoy it. I hope you will visit frequently!


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