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The mission of the ACDA is to inspire excellence in choral music through education, performance, composition, and advocacy.

Innovation in Action at Ithaca!

  I want to give a big shout out for INNOVATION to the Ithaca College ACDA Student Chapter for their innovative work in advancing the mission of ACDA, while advanciing the resources for their own Student Chapter. The student ACDA members created a "favorite warmup" book, with choral warmups submitted by experienced choral conductors and voice teachers across the country. Contributors include Carol McAmis, Barbara Baker, Jason Bishop, Cheryl Dupont, Derrick Fox, Lynne Gackle, Janet Galván, Deborah Mello, Jim Papoulis, Sophia Papoulis, Amanda Quist, Paul Rardin, Jennifer Sengin Tim Sharp, Z. Randall Stroope, William Weinert, Raymond Wise, Kristin Zaryski, and others.
The book is designed to provide a nice variety and selection of warmups with specific goals that will supplement any choral director's instruction tool kit. The sales from this booklet will be used for the ongoing activities of this student chapter of ACDA. What a FANTASTIC and INNOVATIVE idea! For more information about this booklet and information about getting a copy, and more information about the Ithaca College ACDA Student Chapter go to
The Ithaca College Student Chapter Executive Board for 2015-2016 is Sunhwa Reiner, President: Laura White, President-Elect; Caitlin Walton, Secretary; Juliana Child, Treasurer; Annie Brady, Special Events Coordinator; Matthew Coveney, Webmaster & Public Relations; and Laura Stedge, Board Member at Large. Dr. Janet Galván is the Chapter Adviser.