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Need Publisher Advice

Greetings colleagues:
Last December I had the premier of my setting of E. E. Cummings' Little Tree for mixed chorus and orchestra.  I am willing to self-publish the work but would prefer to shop it out to established publishers.  The piece is about 5 minutes long, it is secular, not too difficult and is very accessible.  It may be heard at  I would like your thoughts about those publishers who tend to deal with this kind of Christmas music.  Thanks in advance for any help you might give.  
Steve Murray
on February 8, 2016 7:47pm
Hi Steve:
Congratulations on your premier.
I suggest you visit (Santa Barbara Music) and get a copy of Barbara Harlow's
book "How to get your choral composition published."  For more information, visit here.
I haven't listened to your piece.  To interest a publisher in a piece, you need to 
show who will be interested in purchasing and performing it.  What is the market?
A quick check on line shows several other settings of this poem for chorus, including
one by Eric Whitacre.  What does your piece offer that these other pieces don't?   A piece
with orchestra accompaniment is harder to market than one with a simpler accompaniment.
Is your piece performable with a piano reduction?
Good luck to you.  Let us know what happens.
Brian Holmes
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