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Help finding undergraduate voice program for “Dream Act” tenor

Dear Colleagues,
 I am advising a promising young tenor who is looking for an undergraduate program in voice performance. I need your assistance in identifying colleges/universities that could support him. He is an undocumented immigrant with “deferred action status” and has no parents living here in the U.S. to financial support him. Since he is not eligible for federal financial aid, he is attempting to pay for community college out of pocket (which here in NY is about $3,000 a semester). Despite working full-time, it has been difficult for him to pay for his own education and he has been singing in my choirs as a community volunteer in the interim. While he is in the process of applying for permanent residency, this could take years. He is already 20 and these are prime years for him to be building his skills. After much discussion, it seems the best route for him would be to seek out a 4-year college/university that might offer a hefty scholarship rather than waiting (for who knows how long) until he is eligible for federal aid. If you think your institution could support a student like him, please let me know. He is just as deserving of a college education as all our other students. 
 Many thanks, 
Alice Cavanaugh
Suffolk County Community College, NY 
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