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Writing understandings and essential questions

Hi! I have been working for the past nine years as a choral teacher in many different long term substitute positions. I finally got my full time position this year! The problem is I'm being observed in my 6th Grade Choir Class and need to write out a specific lesson plan complete with enduring understandings and essential questions.  I have a firm grasp on what I want them to know, I just can't put it in succinct words.  Can you help?
Here are my objectives:
  • SWBAT identify the correct Solfege syllables from written music.
  • SWBAT perform in two-part harmony.
  • SWBAT locate and describe musical markings and symbols in a new piece of music
on January 29, 2016 1:19pm
Google   Enduring understandings Wallingford music   and you will find a concise chart of understandings and questions for music, which may be of some assistance.
on January 29, 2016 4:21pm
You've identified central skills and understandings; coming up with essential questions is a way of recasting and extending what you''ve already done. How about:
What does it mean to be an independent musician?  (applies to using solfege, singing harmony) 
How can learning solfegé help me learn new music?
How do composers use markings and symbols to create expression?  
What does it mean to sing expressively?
I hope that's helpful! 
on January 29, 2016 7:53pm
Think about why it is important for them to know the things you have listed. How are these things going to help them in life in the broadest sense?  If the only answer is "to understand how to interpret written notation", that is not broad enough, because the question then is, why is it important to be able to understand written notation?  You don't need musical notation to be an expressive musician who communicates to others through their music. So perhaps your Essential Question is, how is music communicated in written form? with the Enduring Understanding being, (from PA Essential Questions): The skills, techniques, elements, and principles of the arts can be learned, studied, refined, and practiced. 
Most states have this information on their department of education website. Check your state. Here is the link for Pennsylvania's:
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