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Choral Singer's Pledge

As the leader of an unauditioned adult volunteer choir, I strive to encourage my singers to be the best choral singers they can be.
I'm playing with the idea of creating a "Choral Singer's Pledge" containing things that every singer should do to improve their skills outside of rehearsal.
Something like:
"As a choral singer, I pledge:
- to be the best singer in my square that I can be.
- to sing daily.
- to improve on one vocal skill each time I sing.
- to sing with my best quality in every environment...."
It could include specific basic skills, such as:
- to make each breath I take a full, relaxed breath.
Or, it could include rehearsal specific items, such as:
- to take one skill from tonight's rehearsal and improve on it this week.
What are your ideas for the ideal "Choral Singer's Pledge"
Dave Jacobs
Musical Director, Barbergators Chorus 
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