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Rhythm Practice- What is the name?!

Help! I am looking for a program that displays rhythm flashcards. I used this program when I was student teaching, but cannot remember the name of it! It has multiple levels, and then 3 speeds for each level (it may have been called a chapter). I believe it is a DVD, but it may have been a CD-ROM. I thought the name was somehwere along the lines of "flash trax" or "Rhythm Trax", but I cannot find it anywhere!
on January 29, 2016 3:26am
The word "flash" was taken over by Adobe, of course, or the previous owner Macromedia who was taken over by Adobe too.   That it was on a CD or DVD kind of dates it -- now it is probably an online thing. 
Maybe this, which uses 'flash':
There are many available.
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