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Teaching Voice at Home

I can remember singing since I was 5 years old, in choirs, competitions, school, philharmonic chorus, voice lessons for myself but I've never taught and this nudge to teach voice has been lingering for the past 10 years.  I don't know where to start and in fact I've lost touch as far as being educated in music, I only have a voice but it's clear to me that isn't enough.  I played instruments and took lessons on them as well (piano, guitar, saxaphone). My desire is to help improve voices, confidence and dare I say bring such enthusiasm enough to grow anothers desire to pursue music further (schooling)... I know I will be learning along the way for sure.  I'm well acquanted with the small area I live in (population about 400), there are a lot of kids and young adults, there's no private voice teacher in the area.  Obviously, I'll be doing this for free at first, at least my first 6 months then I'll go from there.  
So my questions are, first, what would you recommend for me material wise and practice to brush up on which will help me to give them the basics (beginner books and lessons).
I can plunk out a scale on the piano easily and 2 vocal exercises in mind, after that, what should I ease them into (books-wise or practice)?
I'm familiar with a wide variety of music (secular and religious).  Any suggestions of songs or songbooks/CD's for those that may come to me who are religious?
This is the first place I've come to in searching for a strategy and answers.
If anyone is willing to help, I'm all ears!!
on January 18, 2016 9:13pm
Get a copy of Lara Browning Henderson's , How to Train Singers and read it. Think about it and put it in your language. There are THREE THINGS: Breathing, Focus, Resonance. Start with literature you know or pieces your student knows and go from there.
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