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Visually Impaired Student Equipment

Hi Colleagues -
I have a high school student who has macular degeneration (loss of eye sight over time). As of now, he has about 70% vision loss. The school has issued him an iPad.
For purposes of music, he takes a photo of each page and blows it up supersize, so he can try to see something.
However, the problem is doing any kind of annotation quickly on the screen, or if he does choose to make marks in the music, when turning a page, it' slows down, loading the markings, and he is behind in the music and becoming increasingly frustrated.
He and his family have traveled to many countries seeking the best medicine for his vision loss, but they are not finding much technology to help someone with his condition, particualy for musicians and accessing the music. Any suggestions?
Any ideas or technology out there that you know of? Please let me know.
Moreover, I also have a student that has 100% vision loss. If you have worked with a student like this before, what strategies techniques have you used to help her/ him access the music?
Thank you, kindly,
Joel Buford
Winchester, MA
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