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Audix MicroBoom for smaller groups

One more question... Our little church is considering updating the choir mics. Right now we have the kind that hang down from the ceiling which are so hard to work with when it comes to any creative placement of the adults or children. At my previous church we used the Audix MicroBooms for a a large choir (60 voices). 
Can anyone confirm or deny whether one or two Audix MicroBooms would work nicely for 5-8 voices at a time (children and or adults)? If not, what would you recommend? Is there a better mic?
I would love any and all input!
on January 28, 2016 7:46pm
I assume this is for live reinforcement and not recording? Based on my experience, I think the Audix mics woud be a reasonable choice. Earthworks makes something similar which sound really great (FlexWand) but they are more expensive. If the Earthworks fit within your budget, then go for it! If not, the Audix should serve you well.
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