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Wenger, Masterstage, Amtab Risers

We are saving funds for risers (might take until I retire), but I can't seem to find much about anything except Wenger.  I know they're tried and true, but I really like the gas lifts on the Masterstage and Amtab Risers that I'm seeing online.  Anyone have any experience or reviews?  One of my biggest issues is set up and tear down, and the worry that kids will get hurt every time we have a concert.  The gas hinges would help so very much --- if they last.  I currently have mismatched Wengers that are somewhere in the neighborhood of 40 years old and bent and broken.  Thanks!
on December 15, 2015 9:12am
Hello, Ms. Groves.  We have a great selection of excellent, USA-made risers.
May I suggest you visit our website and take a look at the EZ-Choir Risers and the TransFold Choral Risers in particular.
Here's a link to our website:
Please call to discuss your needs.  We'd be happy to answer any questions you have and quote you our best price.
John Avila, President
Valiant Music Supply, Inc.
on December 18, 2015 7:22pm
Hello Ms. Groves,
my name is Bill Crewlen and I am working for Masterstage Mfg. Inc. We are in business since over 35 years and our portable choir risers and mobile stage platforms are worldwide in use.
We would be happy to assist you by giving you more detailed information about our choir risres. If you could send an email to
    info (a) masterstage . ca
we can send you our catalogue. The risers are coming as 3 step or 4 step risers. On the gas springs we do have a 15 year warranty.
I am sure we are able to give you best prices and you will be more than happywith our choir risers.
If you let me know how many singers are singing in the choir I can give you a quote.
Kind regards
Bill Crewlen
Masterstage Mfg. Inc.
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