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CD TOXIC PSALMS Ultimate Collective experience
 ... the true highlight is the singing …  (Opera World)
 ... electric in its musical style …  (New York Times)
 … a sonically thrilling … (New York Music Daily)
... jaw-droppingly gorgeous singing … (New York Observer)
 ... an overwhelming aural and visual experience … (Theatre Mania)
The almost sinister thought “I'll tell you. You're young, but you're one of us, and I'm one of us, so I'll tell you.” gives the Toxic Psalms its tone. Death speaks and murderous plague intones in the background of the whole concert arch.
Scenes move between different spiritual worlds of the past and the present. The setting is an imaginary world moving among the shadows of our ancestors and is a reflection of modernity at the same time. Toxic Psalms are a reflection of the spiritual anguish of today. The life of a man is changed into a drama here and now: men killing for the glory of their psalms.
CD Toxic Psalms brings repertoire on which based succesful ansambel's choregie project with same title.
Jacob Cooper: Stabat Mater Dolorosa    (The Sorrowful Mother Stood)
Bronius Kutavičius: Paskutines pagoniu apeigos    (Last Pagan Rites)
Karin Rehnqvist: Puksanger  (Timpanum songs)
Tellu Virkkalla: Tuullet  Winds)
Liga Celma: Sauceja dziezma    (A Song)
Lojze Lebič: Mozaiki    (Mosaics)
Sarah Hopkins: Past Life Melodies
Sergei Rahmaninoff: Bogorodice djevo (Rejoice, O Virgin)
John Pamintuan: De profundis     (From the Depths)
Maronit hymn (arr. K. Šilec): Wa habibi    (My Bellowed)
Boaz Avni: Kyrie eleison   (Lord, Have Mercy on Us)
Veljo Tormis: Raua needmine    (Curse Upon Iron)
Giovanni Battista Pergolesi: Sancta Mater speciosa (The beautiful mother stood (from Stabat Mater)
conductor: KARMINA ŠILEC
percussion: Slovenian Percussion Project 
accordeon: Marko Hatlak 
strings: Musica Cubicularis, Karmen Pečar
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