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Middle School: Does your school require everyone to be in Choir or Band? It's not working for us and we need some ideas.

Fellow Musicians,
I am all for having students experience Choir and/or Band. However, in our school district, all of our middle schoolers are now required to be in either Band and/or Choir. If students love music, that's great! If they really don't, then they often choose Choir as the "lesser of two evils". Many of the students in the choirs often are lost, uninterested, or simply refuse to participate no matter how engaging the director is. We are torn between asking the district to change policies (and possibly losing numbers) vs. keeping musicians who want to be there and improving their musical experience. It is rather heartbreaking for us to go from choirs that were made up of kids who love to sing to choirs made up of kids that "have to" be there and may not want to be.
Are you in the same situation? Thank you for any insight you may have to help us!
Fabulous (but Fried) Middle School Directors
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