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Compline Choir (Seattle) releases What Hand Divine

Choir type: Choirs with Religious Affiliation
Voicing: Men
THE COMPLINE CHOIR has just released an album of music for Advent, Christmas, and Epiphany entitled What Hand Divine. The album features seven premiere recordings by Northwest composers/arrangers Erin Aas, Peter Hallock, Tyler Morse, Nathan Jensen, and Jason Anderson, and new recordings of The Dawning and Jubilemus omnes—music for five violoncellos and men’s choir by Peter Hallock. The title track What Hand Divine by Seattle composer Erin Aas combines solo violoncello and men’s voices—at times in dialogue with one another, and at other times sounding together to a spectacular effect. The text of What Hand Divine is from a poem entitled The Rapture by the 17th century metaphysical poet, theologian, priest, and writer Thomas Traherne.
FEATURED RECORDING ARTISTS AND PRODUCTION TEAM MEMBERS for What Hand Divine include Jason Anderson (director), Bill Levey (recording engineer), Robin Pentland (producer), Mel Butler (viola), Jason Williams (classical guitar), Page Smith (cello), Kevin Krentz (cello), Virginia Dziekonski (cello), Rajan Krishnaswami (cello), Olga Ruvinov (cello), Jeremy Matheis (bass-baritone), Joel Matter (baritone), Tyler Morse (alto), Joshua Haberman (alto), and Layne Benofsky (tenor), and others.
THE COMPLINE CHOIR, founded in 1956 by Peter Hallock, is a unique community of laypersons with diverse beliefs that seeks to express musically a concern for the nurture and care of the soul—spiritual nourishment. All members of the Compline Choir, including its director, are volunteers and freely give of their time and talents to sing the office of Compline and support the Compline Choir’s operation.
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