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Music Therapy

I would like to know from my colleagues where you think the best program in Music Therapy is offered currently at the University level.  I have a student who wants advice on this, and i defer to others.
on November 6, 2015 5:15pm
My nephew, whose first degree was an AB in Music from a liberal arts university, did his Master's work in Music Therapy a few years ago at NYU, which has the reputation of having the top program in the country. He was very happy with it and is doing quite well professionally.
Best regards,
Jerome Hoberman
on November 7, 2015 6:04am
Molloy College , also in NY has a well established program, especially on the graduate level.  
on November 7, 2015 7:22am
My daughter is looking at undergraduate programs and there are several good ones in the Minnesota region...University of MN, Augsburg, and Wartburg.  I don't know how they rank in the nation, but we looked at them all and they seem excellent. 
on November 7, 2015 7:53am
I recommend the University of Kansas--great balance of research and practice-and one of the first programs for MT in the nation.  I have a MME in music therapy from KU and it has served me well!
on November 7, 2015 8:21am
Illinois State University used to have a good program....don't know if they still do.
on November 7, 2015 12:18pm
Florida Gulf Coast University in Fort Myers, Fl. Has recently added an undergraduate music therapy program. May be worth checking on -  and the weather here is wonderful.
on November 8, 2015 12:25pm
Colorado State University in Fort Collins should definitely be on the student's list.
on November 8, 2015 4:44pm
I believe the following also have therapy programs.
State University of New York at New Paltz
State University of New York at Fredonia
Montclair State University (NJ)
University of Miami 
on December 17, 2015 9:45am

Hi all, 


I was off at the American Music Therapy Association conference when this discussion started and I'm finally making time to clear out my inbox.


The best choice of undergraduate or graduate education in music therapy depends on the student's needs and desires.  Most music therapy programs have excellent training as they are overseen by the American Music Therapy Association and the curriculum is competency-based. School choice needs to be a good fit for the student regarding size of school and in the case of MT, how the student connects with the faculty as MT students spend a lot of time with those 2-3 professors who teach a majority of the core courses.  For undergrads, I suggest a very strong music program to develop musicianship skills and a good fit with the music therapy faculty.  


Less crucial but perhaps a way of distinguishing between options, look at the fieldwork options provided in the program.  What different sites are used, how many different therapists help to supervise (thus exposing students to multiple perspectives), and if you can get any idea of how music therapy is regarded in the college community and the town/area that may help with decision making.


And for shameless self-promotion, I am proud to serve as a faculty member at Converse College in NW South Carolina where we have a very small program which affords our students individual attention throughout the 4 years.


A full list of schools is available at    


Carol Shultis


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on December 18, 2015 12:45pm
On a related note, there is a Dance and Movement Therapy program at Antioch University New England, located in Keene NH.  It is one of six such graduate programs in the country approved by the American Dance Therapy Association.  I know nothing about the field and this program other than their existence, which I became aware of twenty years ago when I was getting my master's degree in education there.  All of Antioch's graduate programs are designed for working adults, which means classes Thursday-Saturday, older students, and lots of on-the-job training.  In my program there were about 20 of us, ranging in age from 25-45.  The Antioch University graduate schools (there are others in Seattle, Los Angeles, Santa Barbara and Yellow Springs OH) are no longer connected with Antioch College in Yellow Springs Ohio.
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