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Ferreting out an ANGLICAN CHANT

A friend and colleague is searching for a CHANT with [approximately?] the following melody:
    5 3 1 4 | 3 6 7 1 2 7  ||  5 3 1 6 | 5 7 1 3 2 1   
We suspect it might be set to the Magnificat in some collections but that's only a guess.
Any assistance in ferreting it out would be sincerely appreciated.
BTW: I have approximately 2 dozen Chant Books from various sources and eras and will be thumbing them in the meantime but perhaps someone knows the answer «off the top...». 
Dominus vobiscum,
Freeman Dryden, BA; BEd; Dipl.ME
St.Mark's - Halifax, NS
St.Mark's Sesquicentennial (1866 - 2016)
Casavant Op.891 - 1920  —  II-15 TP
Halifax Explosion Centennial - 2017
on November 12, 2015 2:18pm
Not a familar one to me, I'm afraid. Is it possible your colleague sang with someone who wrote his own chants?
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