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Comm. choir concert cancellations due to weather

Dear Community Choir colleagues,
I am wondering how you handle the catastrophic situaiton of a concert cancelled due to a snowstorm or other severe weather-related catastrophe?  My community choir has never had to do this in 32 years, but we have had close calls twice, leading us to create a snow day for concerts a few years ago, whcih we have never needed.  We are wondering how others have handled the situation should both performance date and snow date be ruined by weather.
    - have you still paid soloists the full amount? what about the orchestra?
    - what is your policy on tickets? Nonrefundable?  
   - how have you dealt with the costs and loss of revenue generated by such a dire situation?  
We are just exercising some due diligence in looking at a potential worst-case scenario.  Any advice anyone has is welcome. I've asked people to private message me since this may be a sensitive topic  Thanks!
Frank Martignetti 
Artistic Director
Mystic River Chorale 
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