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auditory feedback

I am working individually with a young man who inadvertantly ended up in my HS choir. In 8th grade he droned an octave or more under the bass part. When I discovered he was in HS choir, my admin. let me require that he can stay only if he comes to me 2x per week for individual help. 
I am delighted that I have seen some progress. (He even said 'thank you' after our last session).  We have 'found' his middle register, a normal singing range and he's gaining flexibility. We have also discovered that he can hear any pitch discrepancy if I sing it (even minute tuning problems). 
The problem is, he can't hear himself. Unless I tell him he cannot hear that he is off-pitch. His best success at correcting to the right note  is when I sing for him what he is singing (off) and play the right note at the same time. He then can often fix it. the context of choir he is still not matching most of the time. Even in simple warm ups.
Any thoughts about how to help him hear himself?
on October 31, 2015 7:38pm
HearFones are designed for this exact purpose. I haven't used them, but it looks like they would be worth a try.
All my best,
on November 1, 2015 8:42am
Before I would do what Tom Carter has correctly suggested, I would have the student take the pointing (index) finger of one of his hands hand and close the ear tab on that same side while he is singing.  This stops him from receiving air born sound waves via his ear while allowing sound to travel through his head's bones into the auditory canal of the same ear.  The other ear remains open so that he can hear other sounds normally.  I have used this maneuver and it has worked in minor cases quickly and more advanced cases over more time.
Et in terra pax hominibus,
John Briggs
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