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Looking for Input re. Georgy Sviridov's Choral Music

Dear Colleagues,

This year is the 100th anniversary of the birth of the well-known Russian composer,  Georgy Sviridov. I have been invited to participate in a symposium dedicated to Sviridov's anniversary, which will be held in December of 2015 in Moscow, Russia. I will be presenting a paper on the performance and reception of Sviridov's works in the United States and Western Europe.
If you have had any experience with performing Sviridov’s choral music, would you mind answering a few questions in connection with your preparation and performance of it? The answers can be as extensive as you want to make them, but they need not be lengthy. A few sentences could suffice. Answer as many or as few questions as you feel are relevant.
1.    What prompted you to become interested in Georgy Sviridov’s choral works and in programming them?

2.    What did you and your singers find to be the most rewarding aspects of Sviridov’s music? The most challenging aspects?

3.    How did your singers and audience(s) respond to Sviridov’s music?

4.    Did your perception and understanding of Sviridov’s music change as a result of your encounter with it?

5.    Are you likely to perform Sviridov’s music again? Why or why not?

I sincerely appreciate your assistance and look forward to your response. If at all possible, would you please respond by the end of October?  You can write to me at: vlad(a)
Dr. Vladimir Morosan
President, Musica Russica, Inc. 
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