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Possible unit ideas for performing ensembles?

As a student teacher who will be applying for teaching positions this coming year, I want to go into my interviews with a series of units that stand out academically for my performing ensembles. This is something we rival with the paper and pencil classes, especially if one deals with a principal who does not have a proper understanding of the performing arts classes. Most people will tell you that each concert held in the school year serves as the unit for the course. I do believe that these ensembles can prove to be equally academic beyond calling every day rehearsals a "unit" ; it is all about dissecting which aspects of music education can be laid out in unit form. If you were to divide up certain aspects of what you learn in a performance ensemble, BESIDES the repertoire, what would you say are the key concepts that measure the students' growth in their understanding of music? Surely music theory and sight-singing are among these. Any other suggestions? Help is greatly appreciated.
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