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Venue/Agent/Artiste Cancellation

I'm interested to know the definitive answer to the above question that seems to come up all the time.
Agent has many artistes on their books and arranges gigs for them with venues and privates. Should a venue cancel the gig which incidentally was by an original contract either one month or more or just a week or even a few days before the gig was due to take place, is the venue liable for cancellation fees at any time for the artiste and if so, by how much?
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on October 12, 2015 3:14pm
I would think any "definitive answer" would depend on the agreement signed by you and the performing entity. If you are concerned about such an event you should include a paragraph in the contract stating how much time is appropriate notice to cancel and what type of fees would be required in the event of a late cancellation notice.


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on October 19, 2015 3:07am
I downloaded something off the net which was about this subject and it included many variables from so many different people including agents and performers, what I found was different views on this subject and all made sense and it appears that a reasonable compromise should be reached when it comes to cancellation, but above all the agent has to protect themselves from both venue and performer, therefore writing something in the Contract that does not leave either of the parties out of pocket. In most cases it would appear that dialogue will be required.
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