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Why Must I PAY to Offer Your Members Employment?

Two years ago I posted an employment add on ChoralNet to find a paid Director for my chorus and successfully found one through this site.  Now I find I must pay a significant fee to post just once in that category, which my small chorus cannot afford.  Why not limit the ability to view ads for paid employment to members and allow chorus' to post free? Would it not be a perk for your members to be able to find work?  After all this is  ACDA...
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on October 10, 2015 2:35pm
You don't have to pay for ads if you are a member of ACDA...
on October 12, 2015 10:03am
It's $15 if you're not an ACDA member, or, as Kyle noted, free if you are. As much as we'd love to offer everything free, it does take money to keep ChoralNet up and running, and rather than having consistent sponsorship drives as we once did, charging a small amount for Classifieds helps keep the site running--and for frequent posters, it's a great opportunity to get an ACDA affiliate membership (which you've paid for if you post 3 in a year) which gives you all sorts of other benefits.
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on December 4, 2015 1:17pm
I am not an ACDA member, but did pay through credit card $15 yesterday to post a job opening. How do I now post, get clearance to post, etc?
Can't figure out how to get my info on your site.
on January 27, 2016 7:52am
Note: Jean was able to post a classified a few days after this question, so this was successfully resolved.
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