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Training CDs & The Law

Copyright Law is a minefield, as it can be so ambiguous.
The situation is that you program a piece of music using something like Sibelius, Cresendo or, in my Case, Harmony Assistant to make Training CDs for your choir.  Obviously, these are not for Public Distribution.  They could be classed as Educational Material, or even as In Private.  But just what is the legal status regarding such things.
Logically, it would seem that if the choir owned original copies of the Sheet Music, then it should be possible to make CDs to go with them.  Theoretically I imagine the same is true of having a pianist make a recording of the notes being played.
If I provide a service of programming the files, where I am provided with the music to be programmed, am I in breach of Copyright, or am I merely providing a programming service?
on October 13, 2015 12:57pm
It would seem logical, but in fact copyright services that churches use, like CCLI and, now provide the option to purchase rights to make rehearsal recordings for music they own the copyright to. This pertains whether you distribute commercial recordings or make your own.  Here is how puts it:

The Practice Track License enables congregations to create practice CDs or MP3s for their choir or ensemble members.

You are entitled to :

  1. copy demonstration recordings provided by a member publisher;
  2. copy commercial CDs or mp3s purchased from a member publisher or member record company;
  3. record your own versions of covered songs for your ensemble (that difficult tenor part, for example, or an accompaniment track);
  4. Burn CDs or email MP3s


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