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General Studies to Choral Conducting Graduate program.

I am currelty a music education student in my junoir year starting to look into gradute school for Choral Conducting. I am seriously thinking about chaning my Music Education major to a General studies major with a minor in music becuase it gives me persnoally more freedom to build a undergate degree that fits me right. Also it has never been the right fit for me and wasn’t thrilled about it from the start. I have finished all four of my theory course and passed my theory exit exam as well as taken vocal diction, Choral conducting, opera, choir, and passed my organ proficiency exam. As you can see, I am deep into my degree already. I only have a few course left for the music side of my degree. I have a bit more classes to finish for the educational side though. Also, I am music director at a local Church and work with the choir there. 
My plan is to finish all of the course for the music education degree expect, the actual educational course. Basically, I will have  BA in music. If I could switch to the bachelor of music program I would, however it is not currently active at the University. So my only option is the General studies, or stick with the music education program which I really don't want to do. 
My concern is this, will I still be able to get into a Choral Conducting gradute program with a General studies degree/minor in music? This is assuming I pass all the adutions and enterences exams that the school requires as well. I think I would be fine with getting accepted because I have a concret and very knowledgeable backgroup in music. I am thinking about doing the Choral progam at the current school I am in. Or, Jacob’s school of music, UCLA, University of Utah or Boston school of music to name a few.
Thanks for your advice!
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