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How much do you pay to have choir stoles dry cleaned?

My church choir has two color/reversible satin choir stoles that I took to the dry cleaners for the first time in years, I suspect. A lot of our  "dry cleaning recommended" items (robes and a different set of stoles) we are able to wash ourselves, but these are the exception. The cleaners intially quoted me $10 a piece, which really surprised me, but let me walk out the door paying $6 each instead. They justified it because they would hand clean/wash/press each one with a slow low-temperature process, in order to not have the color on one side bleed onto the other, and to protect the material. Even with the price reduction this still seemed very high to me, as I've known some "every garment $1.95 (or $2.25, or whatever)" dry cleaners in other cities.
If you've taken choir stoles to the dry cleaners, what did you pay?
on September 1, 2015 2:19pm
I haven't done robe cleaning with stoles since my last position, and that cleaning was probably in 2008, but in Detroit I believe we paid about $8 per robe, including stole. Ours were also satin and double sided.
on September 1, 2015 9:08pm
Hm, ok. I've since looked at an assortment of cleaners with price lists online (which came up via Google)--in random locations--and it seems to currently be $3.95 to $6.50/stole. And for those that break it down into robe vs. robe & stole, it's around $5-6 for the stole.
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