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ipad app for MS/HS solos

The school where I prepare the students for Solo Festival has provided an ipad for each student.  I would like to provide rehearsal tracks and a copy of the solo on the ipads instead of physical copies and CD's. The recording part is easy: mp3's, but the solo copy is another matter.  What would be an appropriate "app" to use for this.  The school does have originals for each solo that are used for rehearsals and the actual festival; this ipad app would be for individual practice only.  Thank you in advance for any and all help.
Dane Moore
Choral Director, Jamestown Communtiy College
Vocal Coach, Cattaraugus Little Valley Central School
on August 18, 2015 4:12am
Hello, Dane -- this question has been coming up more and more, as others are in the same boat as you. 
Musicnotes has a freeiPad app that was designed to help in your situation. You can download it at
There's a video about it at
Assuming that you have purchased a licensed digital copy of the sheet music at, just log into your Musicnotes account on that iPad, and the music for the vocal solo will then be viewable and playable (with MIDI playout) in the app, with adjustments available for tempo, key, balance (the vocal line and/or piano line can be adjusted in volume), and more. 
There's also an in-app upgrade that allows you to import PDFs into the Musicnotes Player, so that might also a useful option for you. 
When you purchase solo sheet music at Musicnotes in the future, not only can you print out each purchased copy, but then you also have ongoing access to the digital file on any mobile device or tablet for just this purpose. 
Let me know if I or our customer service staff can be of assistance. I'm at jmmiller(at)
on August 19, 2015 6:39am
In addition to Musicnotes Player, I would suggest investigating ForScore for importing PDFs.  I have found it extremely useful in that you can manipulate and mark the music in most any way you can imagine.  I have had frustrations with Musicnotes Player when there are any repeats, DS al Codas, or other places where you have to jump about the score, whereas ForScore has several options to deal with those issues easily.  ForScore can also be set to play the practice mp3 while moving through the music.  ForScore is not a free app, which may become cost prohibitive if it is being added to many student iPads.
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