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A/V tech solution sought

I have a projector on a small cart in my choir room, and an audio rack with a mixer and amplifier on the wall about 20 feet away. Up until now I have been using my laptop at the projector to play video clips, mp3s and DVDs. I've used my laptop's HDMI output to the projector, and I've had to run a long audio cable from the laptop's headphone jack over to the audio rack. This was always a big hassle because that's a high traffic area, students kept tripping on the cable (with my laptop attached to the other end!). I tried a bluetooth receiver but it didn't work well enough, too many dropouts in the audio.
So this year, I want to stop using my laptop, and start streaming content from an iPad to the projector and the audio rack. And additionally, I would like to get a DVD player mounted in the audio rack for sub days and movies. So I'm looking for an elegant way to get the video signal from the iPad to the projector and also get its audio to the audio rack, and I also be able to use the DVD player in the same system. Is there a solution out there? It seems like a common setup that I have, and yes there is wifi in the room. Thanks for any suggestions.
on September 8, 2015 6:11pm
Hello! I am a choir teacher in a 1-1 iPad school.  We use AppleTV to wirelessly project and mirror iPads.  I am thinking this might be your solution. The Apple Website has information about using the device on the support page. 
Good luck!
Sue Bujold
Heritage E-Stem Magnet School
W. St. Paul, Minnesota
Applauded by an audience of 1
on September 9, 2015 8:25am
I agree with Sue. AppleTV is going to be the smoothest way to sync all of that, with just the click of a few remotes. You can connect the AppleTV (HDMI) and the DVD player to the audio rack for centralized control. 
Potential setback: If the school's wifi goes out, you won't be able to stream...but that'll be an issue regardless of what device you use you stream.
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