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Beginning Conduct

I have just been advised I will begin teaching a beginning conducting class in the fall. I need text book recommendations.
Do you use live groups or recordings for class?
Do you have a syllabi you could email me? (hclousing(a) 
With or without bato
Thank you for all you help.
on August 12, 2015 5:53am
Hi Harold.  I would like to help you, but I believe it would be helpful to hear about your situation.  What is the projected class size?  Are the students both instrumentalists and vocalists?  What instruments do the kids play? the Hunsberger book works pretty well when you have a class population that is distributed between instrumentalists and vocalists.  What information can you share?
on August 13, 2015 6:24am
I'm sure others will yell, but don't use a text.  From all of the numerous texts on the subject I have read I can only come to one conclusion, all of the texts are just as terrible as the next.
Conducting is subjective.
A pattern doesn't matter much, as evidence of the most famous conductors will prove. 
Hand position doesn't matter, so long as the people you stand in front of understand what you are trying to convey.
Everyone over conducts.
Left hand independance must be practiced.
Have the students be the ensemble - always.
Have the students say how they felt about the conducting BOTH good and bad (preferrably one of each).
Getting feadback from a teacher who is simply watching is not the same as getting feadback from your peers who are activly tring to follow.
Teach a specific technique when approprate, but not because of a timeline or structured gesture control scheme.
Teach both with and without baton.  That is also subjective.
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