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Piano Purchase, New Music Program

Hello all! I am in need of some advice on purchasing (in both selection and funding) a new piano or two for a new choral program and a growing drama program at a boston area suburb high school that is not part of BPS. Next year we are moving in to a new building that reflects a strong commitment to re introducing music to the curriculum and I am hoping to thread the needle of want/need for the program so that our investment in dollars pays off.
We have a reasonably thriving drama program at all levels (2 plays and 1 musical per year at the HS level), a vital 3 yr old instrumental program at the elementary level, and a music appreciation/general music program through 8th grade. Choir and instrumental classes are now being offered at the high school level.
Any advice on foundations/grants, equipment selection, and ideas to pitch the investment to a supportive superintendent but skittish budget committee would be greatly appreciated!
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