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Filing System

What filing system do you use for storing your music library? I am entering a school where the music is in filing folders and falling apart. How do you keep them sturdy?
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on August 5, 2015 6:37am
Hi, Mr. Hanson.
Please consider Valiant Music Supply's line of sturdy, heavy duty music storage boxes - all made in the USA!
Here's a link to our web page:
We have USA made music folders, too.  Please call to discuss your needs.
John Avila,  President
Valiant Music Supply, Inc.
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on August 5, 2015 11:56am
Same types of boxes John mentioned. Best solution. The smaller cardboard boxes with tuck-in flaps from places like Pepper are ok, but they do tend to ripple up when they're not stored in climate-controlled spaces. 
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on August 12, 2015 8:02pm
Any chance of getting some samples so I can see how they work?
on August 14, 2015 6:01am
You say you now have filing folders.  If they are in filing cabinets and you decide to switch to boxes, you will need shelf space instead, as the boxes won't fit in filing cabiinets.  But I also recommend the boxes.
on August 14, 2015 9:56am
I use the heavy cardoard expanding file folders.  It gives me a variety of size options to minimize shelf space.  (If the piece doesn't take up a whole box, I consider that wasted space.)  I can label them on multiple sides so that contents are readable from different angles.  If your library is used by a large number of people you might need the sturdiness of the boxes, but I and a student assistant are the only ones who handle our files so the cardboard ones hold up well.
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