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Warm-ups for Choral Audition

Hello everyone,
I am going to be interviewing and auditioning for a Director of Music position at a church with a very solid music program and decent sized choir. The audition portion will consist of leading a short rehearsal with members of the choir. I would like to spend 5-7 minutes on warm-ups with the singers as I will not be familiar with any of their voices and I also would like to demonstrate my ability/techniques in getting my choir to vocalize.
I'd like to poll your collective minds and see what warm-ups would you possibly use in this situation? I do not know what they usually warm up with and how the previous director viewed this activity (I have been in/worked with church choirs where warm up consisted of singing through hymns for Sunday and not actively getting the voice into a good singing mode.) Any thoughts/ideas/suggestions would be appreciated!
Ryan Pryslak
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