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Brazilian choir looking for exchange - Summer 2016

Location: Brazil
Choir type: College and University Choirs
Voicing: Mixed
Bonjour! Hello everyone! I live in Québec City and I'm organizing the concerts for my friends from Brazil. I'll paste below a message from Federal University of Ceara Choir (or...UFC Choir). If you're interested in doing this exchange, let me know! :D
" My name is Erwin Schrader. I am a professor and Choir director of the Federal University of Ceará Choir (UFC Choir) in Fortaleza, Ceará in the Northeast of Brazil.  Our choir has existed since 1959 and, since Brazilian music is rich and full of rhythms and beats, our entire music repertoire consists of pieces composed by Brazilian composers.
After touring in many cities in Germany, Poland, Switzerland, Austria and Australia, we’re planning on going to Canada next summer and Toronto would be our first stop. For that occasion we’ve been preparing a special concert (popular music) and asacred program to be sung during Mass. We’re planning to stay in Toronto for 4 days (from june 17th to 22th june) and Ottawa from june 22th to june 25th.
We are looking for a local group to share the scene with us and / or host us for the time we’ll be staying there. Since we plan on visiting different parts of Toronto and Ottawa, we’d be out during most of the day. Actually, we just need a place to sleep and a place to sing. The UFC Choir is autonomous in relation to the airplane tickets between Brazil and Canada as well as in relation to our transportation within your wonderful country. In exchange We would like to offer to you and to your choir a possibility of come  visit us in Brazil, where we’d be glad to host and organize a concert to your choir as well. Moreover, if you wish to charge tickets for our concert we suggest you keep ticket sales profits.
Finally, If you are interested in this cultural and musical exchange, we would be happy to explain in more detail everything that we are planning for this concert and this trip.
In case you need extra information, please let me know and I will be gladly provide you with it or you can contact Adolpho Kepler (a friend who lives in Québec City). As he is organizing our concerts in Quebec, He can give you more details about our choir.
Thank you for your attention and we look forward to hearing from you soon.
Best regards,
Prof. PhD. Erwin Schrader

P.S. : Below you can see some videos of our old shows. You can see our home page in English version (
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