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Auditions for The Singing Sergeants

Hello all,
Where - other than in ChoralNet Classifieds - do you look for jobs as a vocalist?  We are looking to post a tenor opening for The USAF Singing Sergeants and want to get the word out to as many potential candidates as possible.  These auditions do not come up often and the job is one in seven full-time positions for a choral singer in world.  
Thanks for your help! 
on July 16, 2015 4:39am
Laui Goldenhersch in Los Angeles administers which is a great resource for singers looking for various work.
Her email is lauri(a)  Tell her "I sent you!"  Singing Sergeants is an excellent group and a great opportunity for some
tenor out there waiting for it.
All the best,
Jim Koenig
Singer, voice teacher, writer, arts advocate
on July 17, 2015 1:37pm
I would go ahead and post it here, along with MENC, M. T. N. A., and encourage voice teachers to forward it to their students.  A job notice like this will probably get around quickly.
You can also send it to music department-heads and choral conductors, urging them to share with graduating seniors.  Counselors in music schools might share it as they counsel a college senior toward his next step.
  LinkedIn has a section for National Association of Teachers of Singing.  It's likely many of them would forward it, and/or audition,  themselves.
Many of the larger-community symphony choruses - Boston, Chicago, Atlanta, etc.,  post jobs on bulletin boards.  Most choirs now have newsletters; they would include this link.
What is the age limit?
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