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Questions Concerning Grad Schools

Greetings to the collective brain that is the ACDA forums!  I have almost completed my Bachelor's Degreen in Music Education.  I am 40 (Yikes!) years old next week!  I had 20 years experience in the business world as an accountant/bookkeeper and decided to pursue my original love of music! (I had started many moons ago, but never finished).  In those 20 years, I have been quite actively musically (been a church choir director/organist for al of those 20 years, directed community theater, community choirs, etc., accompanied at high schools, etc.) - so I've not been out of the music world for those 20 years.
I have had a completely wonderful time with my undergrad experience.  The choral director has given me tons of podium time having taught and conducted generally 2 pieces a semester since I started.  I've invested myself in my fellow students and we have great relationships in and out of the classroom.  This has been the best decision I have ever made in my life.  I am happy and at home.
My question is this:  My ultimate goal would be teaching/conducting at the university level.  However, at 40 a master's and doctorate program seem like a huge investment (us accouting types are always concerned with Return on Investment!).  A few colleagues have mentioned skipping a master's degree and going straight for a PhD.  Does anyone have any experience with this sort of path?  Are there programs that you could recommend?  Perhaps you have other thoughts and/or suggestions for getting to the desired goal as quickly (and cost effeciently) as possible?
I appreciate the replys from the collective and look forward to engaging in conversation!
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