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In the Footsteps of Martin Luther - A Musical Celebration of the 500th Anniversary of the Reformation in 2017

Location: Germany
In the Footsteps of Martin LutherMusic Celebrations International is pleased to present Reformation 500 Concerts, the formal production of all musical performances to take place throughout 2017 in Germany to celebrate 500 Years of the Reformation.
Martin Luther was a simple monk, who – through his stand of conscience – started an ecclesiastical shock wave that changed the course of Western history. This great Protestant revolutionary held such a strong belief in his faith that eventually he overthrew the all-powerful Catholic Church and reshaped Medieval Europe.

Music Celebrations has created In the Footsteps of Martin Luther, special customized tour itineraries that will have your choir visiting many of the locations so important in the life and times of Luther, from Eisleben to Worms to Wittenberg and Leipzig, where you will see his homes, churches, and sanctuaries he used in his darkest hours, where he translated the Bible into the vernacular. All tour performances produced with Music Celebrations and Reformation 500 Concerts are supported by the German National Tourist Board and the Luther 2017 500 Jahre Reformation organization.

Visit our website to learn more, and to sign up for the wait list for further details and many more big announcements!

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