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Messiah Help

I will be conducting Part I of Messiah this Christmas. We will have a chamber orchestra and paid soloists. Although I have sung Messiah many times, this is my first time with the baton. I would appreciate any advice you might have regarding resources for the conductor. Are there any workshops or seminars that would be helpful?  Thanks 
on May 22, 2015 8:35am
I just conducted the entire work (again) and Helmuth Rilling's new book on Messiah published by Carus revealed many brilliant insights to even a "seasoned" conductor. It also full of practical and fundamental issues you'll need to address, movement by movement. Very highly recommended.
You may also find Leonard Van Camp's "Practical Guide for Teaching and Singing Messiah".  Be aware there are two publications: one is a score, (which I would steer clear of due to it's micro-management of markings) and the other is the actual book
For me, and I hope you too, understanding and linking the history and meaning of the text (scripture) to the music is extremely important, regardless of one's personal faith. Roger Bullard's "Messiah: The Gospel according to Handel's Oratorio"  is an excellent resource for the scripture and Donald Burrows' fine handbook will serve you well for basic historical background on Handel and the work itself.
Best wishes,
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