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Unisex Choral Attire

     I'm curious as to what unisex choral attire choirs use other than the traditional choir robes. There is a bit of a push at my school to make the choir attire gender non-specific, in an effort to be more welcoming to transitioning transgender and non-binary singers.
on April 30, 2015 9:18am
Either all black, or black and white.  My elementary school chorus performs in black and white, and I tell them they must be all black from waist to toe, and all white from waist to wrist, and as long as they meet my minimum level of formality, I don't care how they accomplish it.  
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on May 1, 2015 5:18am
My women's chorus is an LGBT chorus, and we have a wide variety of preference in dress. We have recently settled on one of three performance wear options, depending on the concert and announced in advance. All black (occasionally ornamented with a scarf), black on the bottom and a "jewel tone" on the top or, for casual performances, anything with the chorus name and logo on top and khaki on the bottom. This way each singer can dress in a way in which they are comfortable. (We do also establish a "level of formality" as regards footwear/sleeve length, etc.) This look is NOT completely uniform in the same way that it would be if they were all wearing identical outfits, but it gives a feeling of diversity within unity that is 100% appropriate to our group. 
One of the schools I taught at was in a rural poor area and students often couldn't afford nice performance wear. For middle school choir festivals and concerts we got polo shirts embroidered with "Name-of-School choirs" on them, for both boys and girls, which they wore with black or khaki pants, depending on the occasion.
on May 1, 2015 6:02am
I'm in agreeance with Kate.  I have my students simply wear all black with the option of either long skirts or pants and a black top.  It works out really well for us and the students look uniform creating a nice image as well.
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