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Music Folder Lights

i see limited discussion on choralnet, but would like to ask again, what is the BEST choir folder light you have used for singing in a darkened performance space?
Tom Brown
Austin, TX
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on April 9, 2015 8:48am
We've been pretty happy with these:
  • Double head allows you to aim a separate light at each page
  • Use standard batteries
  • Cheap — under $5 each if bought in bulk
They're not really bright enough if you're in total darkness, but for supplementing ambient light they work great.
on May 21, 2015 10:27am
Dear Thomas,
If you do need effective light even for total darkness, I'd pick from the selection below - which were designed for music performance, and I've not seen anything better.
In a recent query I answered a similar question fully and spent some time adding photos, so here it is again - you might find just the XtraFlex will be fine for you, but if you have older adults singing, they would prefer the XtraFlex DUET. They're well shielded with hooded bulbs, and lensed to give even coverage without hot spots.
The best choice of light depends on one's age. Seriously! I've been advising people on choice of lights for their choirs and individually for about a decade now. Here are a couple options:
If you're 30-something or less, the XtraFlex LED Light below is only $14.95 (with batteries) and is so light you could put it on the cover of a paperback for reading too. It has a foam-backed padded clip that will firmly stay on your folder or carol book. What I like best is that it truly was designed for music and it is lensed to give an even illumination. With fresh alkaline batteries it can go up to 40 hours, and curl up to go in your pocket or bag. The single light can fully illuminate all of a large folder except for less light in a little radius at the top left and right of about 2  inches inward from the outer upper corners. Image below:
XtraFlex light $14.95 from - with batteries.
In contrast to the light above, below is an image of the XtraFlex DUET LED Light.
It's the same in all respects except that there are TWO gooseneck heads, so you can plant one on each page for full illumination. If you're over 30-something, this is the choice for you. It can last up to 20 hours on fresh alkaline AAA batteries and yes, the light also comes with batteries.
XtraFlex DUET LED light, $22.95 from
Now, that light above may be just fine for most people, but what about if you're a senior, even into those '-genarian' years, and the eyes aren't quite as good as in the halcyon days of youth?
There is an XtraFlex DUET 2 light which has TWO LEDs in each head, so you have a total of up to 4 LEDs burning and of course that's even brighter.
One bad thing about this next light's design is that whereas the lights shown above have a slide switch to turn them on, this next light has a pushbutton on each head, and it's possible and fairly easy to turn it on accidentally in a bag. So you've got to be careful if you're out and about, or remove a battery when not in use, to be sure it can't turn on unexpectedly.
XtraFlex DUET 2 LED light
If you burn all 4 LEDS (you can choose how many you want on) it has up to 10 hours of life. There is also an a/c adaptor available as some instrumentalists find it superb as a regular stand light too. If I recall correctly, I think I sent the Chicago Symphony Orchestra over a hundred of these.
Lastly, newer, and brighter, is the HammerHead Music light:
The HammerHead - a lean, mean, illuminating machine...
It is truly BRILLIANT and one will certainly do for anyone for a choral folder. It's superb as an instrumental light, too. Its battery life is 'a little shorter' similar to the Duet2. I think you can get 8 good hours out of it. It comes with a belt pouch and batteries, and again an a/c adaptor is an available option.
So there is your full answer!
Oh- one last thing...these are LED lights and should give about 100,000 hours of life - that's 49 years of 8 hours per day. I like to tell musicians they can use it as a 'retirement indicator'.
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